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Apr 30, 2019

Dear Maplers,

We are pleased to announce that Dream MS will be reopening on April 24th at 3pm (Server Time).

After a year's hiatus, the server has been in closed alpha for a few months and we've made improvements and changes to our first iteration which launched over 2 years ago.

Despite having quashed most bugs in our first iteration, many backend systems have been redesigned and needs thorough testing through Beta.

Beta will continue for approximately 3-4 weeks but this can change. Rates will be doubled during Beta.

There will be a wipe after Beta. Voting NX will be refunded for half the amount.

Banned players will remain banned after Beta.

What's new?

Knights of Cygnus 4th Job

Want to try a new job with real custom designed skills? This may be good news for you.

KOC no longer gain extra stats and are treated equally as all other classes - this means their level limit has been increased to 250.

Dawn Warrior snippet
Blaze Wizard snippet
Wind Archer snippet
Night Walker snippet
Thunder Breaker snippet

Skill Balancing

Changes have been made to existing skills to push underperforming classes to new horizons.

We've also designed new skills for some adventurers.

Revised Exp Table

Due to client limitations in our previous iteration, the exp table after level 200 was flat which made progression too easy, some might say.

We've made changes to support a more curved exp table, giving players a better sense of achievement.


Introducing Widgets!

Widgets are tools designed to provide more statistics, control and features that aren't possible in v83.

They can be customized, resized, minimized and ready to use at your disposal.

Meso/Exp Tracker Widget snippet
Damage Tracker Widget snippet
Expedition Widget snippet
Monster Info Widget snippet

Fair Play Loot System

The Fair Play Loot System was designed to promote fairness and remove the need to distribute loot at the conclusion of an expedition.

Items that are supposed to be dropped by bosses in an expedition are now stored in a Loot Pool which is evenly distributed to those that have cleared the damage check threshold.

We've also applied a multi-client restriction to expeditions.

Automated Events

Want to take a break from grinding? GM Events are now automated and hosted every 6 hours, starting from midnight (Server Time) at the Event Gala, accessible from FM.

Participate and earn Event Points to trade in for exclusive mounts, chairs and other goodies.

  • We've made numerous improvements to our backend and reworked existing processes which has significantly improved performance.
  • The donation system is now fully automated. Receive your credits within minutes!
  • Added support for 329 damage skins, configurable in Dream.ini. Players can view a list in-game using @skins.
  • Monster Book stats are now applied to a Crusader Codex which is shared account-wide.
  • All pet equips are now universal, enabling donor pets to use them.
  • Removed gender restriction on all items.
  • Inkwell Shop now shows the amount of coins in your inventory instead of mesos.
Beta Rewards
  • All characters that reach level 100 will receive an exclusive chair after release.
  • All characters that reach level 150 will be able to reserve their IGN.
  • Players will receive 1000 DP for each bug report submitted on the forum and is determined to be an actual bug that requires fixing.
Returning Players

Returning players that have previously donated are entitled to receive full credits.

This can be requested in the Feedback section (hidden from public view) with the following information:

  • New IGN
  • Listed PayPal name or email
  • Transaction amount
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