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  • Not sure what time needs to pass to make a thread but as the below post I need my password reset as I've not played in a few years. I know the ID and have the e-mail it is registered to still.
    hi.my login id has been blocked.but i cant post thread in the ban appeal .so i come here .please don't ban me . my id is pinle238. and character is limestone. i was sleepy when i play the game. my acount has been banned when i wake up . please lift me up .give me a chance
    I have my password for my user but I still cant access my account
    its an old account
    can i restore it?
    Hello. Can We lift the restrictions today?
    Hi i forget my password, but I got all my username and characters name, and in fact I confirm that my password is correct, but I don't know why the login page keep printing message that my password is invalid, pls help me to check it out tqvm
    Hello there!

    I was wondering if it is at all possible to change the password to my account? I used to play a few years ago with my friends and wanted to get back into it but can't remember my password, i've tried all the ones I normally use..

    Let me know if you need any other details from me or anything to help vereify that it's actually me

    Have a great day
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