Wedding Bug

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Jan 15, 2022
I am a new user to this server. My friend and I recently got married in game " Iunu + CanadaJew "
we did all the quests, got everything set up
and when we got inside and we were waiting for the timer at the chapel
the npc told us that neither of us had a golden maple leaf that we were supposed to get at the entrance

there was no way to go back, no way to restart the ceremony or quest line, and then it just took our wedding ticket
and we never got to get married
I'm new to the server so I don't have NX like that for another ticket

Also the engagement ring/Bride and Groom box is in my inventory as proof that we paid and should be married

Is there any way we can just be manually adjusted to be married, or a gifted wedding ticket or anything?
I just feel like that's a lot of NX to spend and it bugs and you're just not married


Not open for further replies.