Premium Surprise Box Rotation

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Apr 30, 2019
Premium Surprise Box Rotation
  • This thread is to keep track of previous, current and future pools
  • A new pool will be released periodically - usually 2-4 weeks
  • A pool may be released again later on in the rotation
  • All items have an equal chance of being obtained and are untradeable
  • There is a chance of obtaining duplicates of an item. You are able to trade in 3 duplicates from all pools for a Premium Surprise Box Stamp
  • You can trade in 10 Premium Surprise Box Stamps for any item of choice from the current pool
Current Pool: 14
Next Pool: TBD

1830 Nero Bucket Hat
1845 Nero Print Overfit Outfit
1831 Lily Bucket Hat
1846 Lily Print Overfit Outfit
1832 Hand-Knit Bunny Doll Hat
1847 Hand-Knit Bunny Doll Outfit
1833 Hand-Knit Bunny Doll Hat
1848 Hand-Knit Bunny Doll Outfit
1854 Hand-Knit Bunny Doll Shoes
1861 Hand-Knit Bunny Doll Weapon
1834 Mummy Mask
1835 Nom Nom Oz
1836 Scribbleface
1837 Lovely Round Glasses
1838 Umbral Earrings
1839 All About Black
1840 Doll's Nightwear
1841 Royal Guard Outfit
1842 Royal Guard Outfit
1843 World of Pink Outfit
1844 World of Pink Outfit
1849 Knee Freedom
1850 Cat Knee Socks
1851 Umbral Shoes
1852 Umbral Boots
1853 Homeless Cat Shoes
1855 Light of Erda
1856 Blade
1857 Death's Scythe
1858 Universal Transparent Weapon
1859 Camellia's Sword
1860 Blood Oath
1800 Round Glassses
1801 Camelia Newsboy Cap
1802 Camelia Tea Livery
1803 Camelia Loafers
1804 Camelia Tea Bonnet
1805 Camelia Tea Dress
1806 Camelia Pumps
1807 Camelia Tea Time
1808 White Bucket Hat
1809 Black Bucket Hat
1810 [BTS] Mellow Purple
1811 [BTS] Mikrokosmos
1812 [BTS] Piggybacking Wonky
1813 [BTS] Eclipse Feather
1814 [BTS] Purple Poem
1815 [BTS] Love Swan
1816 [BTS] Deep Purple
1817 [BTS] Holy Mystic
1818 [BTS] Purple Breeze
1819 [BTS] Silent Night
1820 White Idol Mask
1821 Black Idol Mask
1829 [BTS] Black Chandelier
1822 [BTS] Black Swan Label Ring
1823 [BTS] Black Swan Chat Ring
1824 Sunshine Fox Hat
1825 Sunshine Fox Outfit
1826 Sunshine Fox Tail
1827 Sunshine Fox Vines
1828 Sunshine Fox Friends
1869 Sporty Outfit
1870 Plaid Pashmina (Purple)
2091 Pink Bean Stylish Cap
2092 Pink Bean Backpack Outfit
2093 Slime Stylish Cap
2094 Slime Backpack Outfit
2095 Yeti Stylish Cap
2096 Yeti Backpack Outfit
2097 Grape Cap
2098 Grape Shorts
2099 Grape Dress
2100 Grape Shoes
2101 Grape Magic
2102 Red Warrior Hat
2103 Red Warrior Outfit
2104 Red Warrior Katana
2105 Megumin Hairdo Hat
2107 Megumin Eye Patch
2106 Megumin Outfit
2108 Megumin Shoes
2109 Aqua Outfit
2110 Aqua Shoes
2111 Branch of Memory
2112 Lake Waves
2113 Lantern of Oblivion
2114 Kinesis Wig
2115 Kinesis Uniform
2116 Kinesis Shoes
2117 Mystery Dice
2120 Red Lotus Spirit Walker's Flower
2121 Red Lotus Spirit Walker's Attire
2122 Red Lotus Spirit Walker's Geta
2123 Red Lotus Spirit Walker's Fan
2118 Snowy Cherry Blossom Label Ring
2119 Frosty Cherry Blossom Chat Ring
2376 Universal Transparent Weapon
2377 Lucia Hat
2378 Lucia Outfit
2379 Lucia Cape
2380 Lucia Shoes
2381 Celena
2382 Grapefruit Glow
2383 Baggy Cardigan (Blue)
2384 Hip Hop Artist Hat (A)
2385 Hip Hop Artist Outfit (A)
2386 Hip Hop Artist Hat (B)
2387 Hip Hop Artist Outfit (B)
2388 Jester Spirit Hat (M)
2389 Jester Spirit Hat (F)
2390 Jester Spirit Outfit (M)
2391 Jester Spirit Cape
2392 Jester Spirit Shoes
2393 Jester Spirit Weapon
2394 Combat Military Academy Hat (F)
2395 Combat Military Academy Outfit (F)
2396 Combat Military Academy Hat (M)
2397 Combat Military Academy Outfit (M)
2398 Combat Military Academy Cape
2399 Combat Military Academy Shoes
2400 Combat Military Academy Weapon
2401 Evening Orchid Hoodie
2402 Evening Orchid
2403 Dreams Within Dreams
2404 Sweepy Orchid
2405 Mana Frenzy
2406 Wings of Destruction
2407 Plaid Pashmina (Fuschia)
2408 Flutterby Dream Label Ring
2409 Flutterby Dream Chat Ring

Extra (below items were missed previously and will temporarily appear in this pool)

2410 Red Warrior Cape (from Pool 3)
2411 Gravity (from Pool 2)
2412 Red Lotus Spirit Walker's Dark Tent (from Pool 3)
2413 [BTS] Swan Serenade (from Pool 2)
2414 Hand-Knit Bunny Doll Cape (M) (from Pool 1)
2415 Hand-Knit Bunny Doll Cape (F) (from Pool 1)
2599 Hat of Hard-Earned Power (M)
2600 Outfit of Hard-Earned Power (M)
2601 Hat of Hard-Earned Power (F)
2602 Outfit of Hard-Earned Power (M)
2603 Shoes of Hard-Earned Power
2604 Cape of Hard-Earned Power
2605 Weapon of Hard-Earned Power
2606 Infatuation Fragment
2607 Lord of Shadows
2608 Daybreak Advance
2609 Daybreak March
2610 Cobalt Filigree Cape
2611 Light of the Dawn
2612 Divine Crow Hat
2613 Divine Crow Outfit (M)
2614 Divine Crow Outfit (F)
2615 Divine Crow Shoes
2616 Divine Crow Cape
2617 Divine Crow Weapon
2618 Blue Kitty Work Hat
2619 Blue Kitty Work Outfit
2620 Yellow Kitty Work Hat
2621 Yellow Kitty Work Outfit
2622 School for the Gifted Uniform (M)
2623 School for the Gifted Uniform (F)
2624 School for the Gifted Shoes
2625 White Earphones
2626 Giant Bright Angel Wings
2627 Giant Dark Devil Wings
2632 Blue Bird Wings
2631 Icicle Wings
2630 Plaid Pashmina (Pink)
2628 Peach Blossom Fox Label Ring
2629 Peach Blossom Fox Chat Ring
2897 Dark Furrytail Cat's Ears
2898 Dark Furrytail Fur-Trimmed Outfit (M)
2899 Dark Furrytail Fur-Trimmed Outfit (F)
2900 Dark Furrytail Cat's Eye Makeup (M)
2901 Dark Furrytail Cat's Eye Makeup (F)
2903 Dark Furrytail Cuff (M)
2904 Dark Furrytail Cuff (F)
2905 Dark Furrytail Guardian Cat
2906 Dark Furrytail Cat's Paw
2907 Sensible Denim Hat
2908 Sensible Denim Outfit (M)
2909 Sensible Denim Outfit (F)
2910 Plaid Pashmina (Red)
2911 Blade
2912 Silver Harmony
2913 Silver Angel
2914 Silver Dream
2915 Silver Bell
2916 Apricot Bloom
2917 Preppy Sprout Hat
2918 Aqua Phoenix Robe
2919 Aqua Phoenix Dress
2920 Light as a Feather
2921 Water Dance
2922 Moontide Sword
2924 Kitty Cat Ears Hat
2925 Prong Loose Fit
2926 Swishing Kitty Tail
2928 Ground Pounder
2929 Baggy Cardigan (Brown)
2930 Victory Wings
2931 Fluffy Bunny Hoodie
2932 Fluffy Bunny Outfit
2933 Ocean Prince Hat (M)
2934 Ocean Prince Outfit (M)
2935 Ocean Prince Hat (F)
2936 Ocean Prince Outfit (F)
2937 Drowsy Rabbit Chat Ring
2938 Drowsy Rabbit Label Ring
1005320.png Pink Bean Hooded Scarf
1005102.png Pink Bean Cuddle Fuzz Hat
1012709.png Chilled Blush
1053517.png Pink Bean Hoodie
1102803.png Pretty Pink Bean Ballon
1702914.png Pink Bean's Umbrella
1005798.png Darkness Chaser Hat
1022303.png Darkness Chaser Eye Accessory
1053720.png Darkness Chaser Suit
1073543.png Darkness Chaser Shoes
1103340.png Darkness Chaser Cape
1703092.png Darkness Chaser Weapon
3402 Black Flappy-Eared Animal Hat
3403 Black Flappy-Eared Animal Outfit
3404 White Flappy-Eared Animal Hat
3405 White Flappy-Eared Animal Outfit
1102936.png Forest Whisper
3406 Dauntless White Tiger Weapon
1005388.png Plain White Cap
1053447.png Sporty Outfit
1072457.png Blue Slip-Ons
1103271.png Moonlight Warrior
1702718.png Shadow Warrior's Sword
1005521.png Navy Kindergarten Back-to-School Hat
1005522.png Yellow Kindergarten Back-to-School Hat
1053567.png Navy Kindergarten Back-to-School Outfit
1053566.png Yellow Kindergarten Back-to-School Outfit
1103008.png Pandora Cape
1702277.png Test Pen
1004900.png Snow Queen
1051514.png Queen's Evening Party
1071103.png Brilliant Dance Shoes
1102988.png Winter's Whisper
1004897.png Snow King
1050445.png King's Banquet
1070086.png Fancy Dance Shoes
1702736.png Frost Staff
1051531.png Cloud Sea Outfit
1103164.png Plaid Pashmina (Ivory)
1115320.png Sleepy Pink Bean Label Ring
1115219.png Sleepy Pink Bean Chat Ring
1005124.png Gentle Bunny Hat
1022292.png Lovely Round Glasses
1053572.png Springtime Spirit
1102900.png Lumpy Snowflakes
1702640.png Bunny Snowman Attacker
1005507.png Sleepy Bunny
1032315.png Dreamy Glow
1053547.png Sleep Tight
1103223.png Moon Bunny Keyring
1703108.png Cute Rabbit Doll Weapon
1005506.png Sleepy Kitty
1053546.png Sweet Dreams
1703110.png Cute Fox Doll Weapon
1005476.png Oversized Beret (White)
1053522.png Baggy Cardigan (Green)
1103057.png Fairy Pearl
1702744.png Starlight Lantern
1005037.png Crimson Fate Mark
1005038.png Crimson Fate Rosette
1050305.png Bloody Leo
1072848.png Bloody Garter
1103252.png Wings Of Destruction
1702964.png Holo-Matrix Sword
1005795.png Arbiter Of Justice Hat
1053716.png Arbiter Of Justice Suit
1053717.png Arbiter Of Justice Dress
1103339.png Arbiter Of Justice Cape
1073541.png Arbiter Of Justice Shoes
1703091.png Arbiter Of Justice Weapon
1005480.png Emerald Snow Hat
1053528.png Emerald Snow Outfit
1073417.png Emerald Snow Shoes
1103236.png Bedazzle
1702974.png Snow Crystal Wand
1005479.png Ruby Snow Hat
1053527.png Ruby Snow Outfit
1073416.png Ruby Snow Shoes
1702585.png Universal Transparent Weapon
1103159.png Plaid Pashmina (Green)
1115330.png Dreamy Unicorn Label Ring
1115228.png Dreamy Unicorn Chat Ring
1022285.png Round Glasses
1012044.png Mummy Mask
1005809.png Goo Hat
1053724.png Goo Hoodie
1103342.png Goo Cape
1005810.png Slime Goo Hat
1103344.png Slime Goo Cape
1053730.png Butterfly Spirit Outfit
1053731.png Flower Spirit Outfit
1703096.png Goo Cushion
1004862.png Winter Bunny Hat (Teal)
1053109.png Winter Bunny Coat (Teal)
1082713.png Winter Bunny Glove (Teal)
1004863.png Winter Bunny Hat (Pink)
1053110.png Winter Bunny Coat (Pink)
1082714.png Winter Bunny Glove (Pink)
1103072.png Soft Cloud
1702722.png Winter Bunny
1005827.png Loving Couple Cap
1053743.png Loving Couple Outfit (B)
1005828.png Loving Couple Bucket Hat
1053742.png Loving Couple Outfit (A)
1012672.png Grapefruit Glow
1073447.png Cool Steps
1103194.png Tranquil Picnic Butterfly Cape
1702984.png Sea Of Stars Paper Boat Weapon
1005665.png Shadow Bear Headband
1053646.png Red Shadow Argyle Knit
1005327.png Cool Bunny Ears
1053647.png Black Shadow Argyle Knit
1103177.png Ferocious Devil Wings
1702907.png Fiery Trident
1005656.png [BTS] Eclipse Feather
1032322.png [BTS] Black Chandelier
1053640.png [BTS] Love Swan
1082751.png [BTS] Holy Mystic
1103305.png [BTS] Swan Serenade
1703049.png [BTS] Last Feather
1115301.png Bubble Label Ring
1115200.png Bubble Chat Ring
1005865.png Spirit Collector Crown
1012753.png Spirit Jewel
1050598.png Spirit Collector Robe (M)
1051672.png Spirit Collector Robe (F)
1073577.png Spirit Steps
1103374.png Spirit Collector Umbrella
1703126.png Spirit Collector Lantern
1005325.png Cursed Hunter Hood
1053404.png Cursed Hunter Suit
1103176.png Cursed Hunter Cape
1073341.png Cursed Hunter Shoes
1702906.png Cursed Bow
1005716.png Star Butterfly
1012674.png Tri-Color Face Accessory
1050418.png Cozy Fur Outfit (M)
1051487.png Cozy Fur Outfit (F)
1073129.png Cozy Fur Shoes
1073127.png Cozy Fluffy Slipper
1102811.png Snow Bloom
1702954.png Snow Bunny
1003517.png Ebony Pimpernel Hat
1051554.png Carbon Wing Coat
1072632.png Ebony Pimpernel Boots
1102386.png Nox Cherubim
1702565.png Death's Scythe
1005403.png Stargazer
1050333.png Confident Luxury School Uniform (M)
1005463.png Butterfly Ribbon
1051403.png Confident Luxury School Uniform (F)
1103218.png Moon-and-Star Backpack
1082692.png Candy Bear Watch
1702952.png Super Scribbler
1005668.png Hand-Knit Bunny Doll Hat (M)
1053650.png Hand-Knit Bunny Doll Outfit (M)
1103309.png Hand-Knit Bunny Doll Cape (M)
1005669.png Hand-Knit Bunny Doll Hat (F)
1053651.png Hand-Knit Bunny Doll Outfit (F)
1103310.png Hand-Knit Bunny Doll Cape (F)
1073496.png Hand-Knit Bunny Doll Shoes
1703056.png Hand-Knit Bunny Doll Weapon
1115332.png Spirit Label Ring
1115230.png Spirit Chat Ring
4912 BUGCAT CAPOO On The Head Hat
4914 BUGCAT CAPOO Outfit
4915 Long Long BUGCAT CAPOO
4916 Muscle BUGCAT CAPOO
4917 Black Ox Hat
4918 Black Ox Outfit
4919 Pink Ox Hat
4920 Pink Ox Outfit
4921 Soapy Bubble Couple Cape
4922 Heartfelt Gift
4923 Lofty Intelligence
4924 Graceful Starlight Dress
4925 Profount Intelligence
4926 Warm Starlight Outfit
4927 Cotton Bell
4928 Galaxy Butterfly
4929 Star Butterfly Shoes
4930 Milky Way Night
4931 Cute Kitty Doll Weapon
4932 Black Bucket Hat
4933 Black Idol Mask
4934 Descendant Of The Library
4935 Divine Crow Shoes (M)
4937 Divine Crow Shoes (F)
4938 Mysterious Fog
4939 Ebony Fan
4940 White Bucket Hat
4941 White Idol Mask
4942 Enchanting Estelle (M)
4943 Enchanting Etoilet (F)
4944 Enchanting Scale
4945 Pouring Sunlight
4946 Old Secret
4947 Gold Angora Gatsby
4948 Attitude Ribbon
4949 Marron Glac
4950 Guardian Shoes
4951 Falling Leaves
4952 Maple M Playphone
4953 BUGCAT CAPOO Label Ring
4954 BUGCAT CAPOO Chat Ring
1005786.pngBlack Cat Goggles
1053709.png Black Cat Uniform
1103336.png Black Cat Cross Bag
1073536.png Black Cat Shoes
1703086.png Mascot Blanc
1004633.png Ghost Fedora
1050571.png Candy King
1051643.png Candy Queen
1102774.png Total Lunar Eclipse Cape
1703047.png Spooky Wrath
1005765.png Fleeting Dream
1053695.png Loure Dream
1103331.png Dreamcatcher
1073532.pngLunar Reverie
1703081.png Dreamy Star
1005468.pngButterfly Ribbon (Pink)
1004970.pngSteely Pink Bunny Ears
1050537.png Soft Lavender Hoodie
1051607.png Soft Pink Hoodie
1073497.pngMy Beating Heart Shoes
1103312.png My Beating Heart Cape
1703025.png Forest Witch
1005364.pngBranch Of Memory
1053440.png Lake Waves
1073356.png Dense Mirage
1103193.pngLight Of Erda
1703123.pngOmnipotent Power
1005434.png Pepe Stylish Cap
1005217.pngCoral Ribbon
1053082.pngOversized Beach Gown
1073442.pngSailor's Song Shoes
1103243.pngBlue Waves
1703008.pngDreaming Traveler
1005381.png Dark Furrytail Cat's Ears
1053457.png Dark Furrytail Fur-Trimmed Outfit (M)
1053458.png Dark Furrytail Fur-Trimmed Outfit (F)
1012695.png Dark Furrytail Cat's Eye Makeup (M)
1012696.png Dark Furrytail Cat's Eye Makeup (F)
1073370.png Dark Furrytail Cuff (M)
1073371.png Dark Furrytail Cuff (M)
1103206.pngDark Furrytail Guardian Cat
1702940.png Dark Furrytail Cat's Paw
1115328.png Lara Label Ring
1115226.png Lara Chat Ring
1005209.png Misty Moonlight
1005210.png Misty Starlight
1050497.png Majestic Moonlight Attire
1051514.png Queen's Evening Party
1070100.png Majestic Moonlight Oxford
1071117.png Shimmering Starlight
1103126.png Misty Nocturne
1103127.png Misty Fantasia
1702856.png Infinite Star Cluster
1005609.png Enigmatic Clue Cap
1050562.png Clue King Garb
1051634.png Clue Queen Garb
1073475.png Shoes Of Mystery
1103258.png Peeking Bunny Cape
1702905.png Wish Fulfiller Crossbody Tote
1005489.png Blue Well-Deserved Vacation Hat
1053533.png Blue Well-Deserved Vacation Outfit
1005490.png Violet Well-Deserved Vacation Hat
1053534.png Violet Well-Deserved Vacation Outfit
1073421.png Well-Deserved Vacation Shoes
1103325.png Rainy Night Mountain View Effect Cape
1702704.png Blue Marine Knowledge
1005583.png Jump To The Galaxy! Hat
1005584.png Jump To The Galaxy! Beanie
1053615.png Jump To The Galaxy! Pants
1053616.png Jump To The Galaxy! Skirt
1032320.png Glittering Star Piercing
1103029.png Floral Bubbles
1702958.png Maple Bubbler
1005523.png Battle Suit Type A Hoodie
1053568.png Battle Suit Type A
1005524.png Battle Suit Type B Beanie
1053569.png Battle Suit Type Battle
1082747.png Survival Battle Glove
1103248.png Spare Battle Gun
1702991.png Survival Battle Gun

1702585.png Universal Transparent Weapon
1702680.png Camellia's Sword
1702565.png Death's Scythe
1702786.png Blood Oath Weapon
1115313.png Plum Blossom Jelly Label Ring
1105212.png Plum Blossom Jelly Chat Ring
1005352.png Fox Fire Ears
1053434.png Fox Fire Shirt
1082741.png Fox Fire Sweeping Sleeves
1103183.png Fox Fire Spectral Tail
1073354.png Fox Fire Anklet
1702915.png Fox Fire Familiar
1012687.png Fox Fire Grin
1005492.png Furry Snow Hoodie
1053537.png Long Parka
1073170.png Midnight Steps
1102812.png Blizzard Drive
1702571.png Top Snow Shovel
1005445.png Petite Penguin Horn Beanie
1005444.png Petite Penguin Beanie
1012709.png Chilled Blush
1053508.png Petite Boy Penguin
1053509.png Petite Girl Penguin
1103227.png Petite Boy Balloon Cape
1103228.png Petite Girl Balloon Cape
1073398.png Mint Petite
1702966.png Petite Penguin
1005479.png Ruby Snow Hat
1005480.png Emerald Snow Hat
1053356.png Happy Bear Pink T-Shirt
1053357.png Happy Bear Blue T-Shirt
1103236.png Bedazzle
1073417.png Emerald Snow Shoes
1073416.png Ruby Snow Shoes
1702985.png Black Moon Weapon
1005418.png Exorcist Hat
1053648.png Dark Night Flight Pants
1053649.png Dark Night Flight Skirt
1702718.png Shadow Warrior's Sword
1103316.pngCape Of Hard-Earned Power
1005247.png Cluckhead
1052940.png Spring Sunlight Pullover
1702611.png Duckling Cross
1022292.png Lovely Round Glasses
1022285.png Round Glasses
1012573.png Pretty Pretty Smile
1012713.png P-Please Don't Do This
1115312.png Pure White Bunny Label Ring
1115211.png Pure White Bunny Chat Ring


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Pool 7 Preview
Kain Set done.png
Shadow Warrior Set.png
Pool 8 Preview
Pink Bunny Set.png
Sleepy Bunny & Kitty Set.png
Oversized Beret Set.png
Holo Matrix Set.png
Arbiter Of Justice Set.png
Ruby & Emerald Snow Set.png
Pool 9 Preview
Goo Set.png
Winter Bunny Set.png
Loving Couple Set.png
Shadow Argyle Knit Set.png
BTS  Set.png
Pool 10 Preview
Spirit Collector Set.png
Cursed Hunter Set.png
Snowbunny Set.png
Death's Scythe Set.png
Confident Luxury Uniform Set.png
Hand-Knit Bunny Doll Set.png
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Pool 11 Preview
Ox Set.png
Cute Kitty Doll Set.png
Black Bucket Hat Set.png
White Bucket Hat Set.png
Falling Leaves Set.png
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