Night Lord Guide - AP&SP Builds, Gameplay, Gearing


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Jun 16, 2021
♙ Study / Light ♙ here with a guide on Nightlords on DreamMS


Table of Contents:

  1. Pros & Cons of Nightlords
  2. How this server's NLs differ from those from other servers
  3. AP build
  4. SP build
  5. Gearing - early game, mid-game, end-game
  6. In-Game macros and gameplay


Pros & Cons of Night Lords

+ High mobility & flash jump is fun
+ High avoidability (high LUK + shadow shifter)
+ High single target dps
+ Alchemist – attack potions (apples/narcs) lasts 50% longer
+ Meso up – good as looter mule for your mages
+ Drain – protects you from pot lock
+ Mechanically easy to play
+ ATT gear scales nicely into end-game
- No mobbing skills - early level training is tough
- No party buffs (except for Haste / meso-up)
- Heavily reliant on Sharp-eyes (SE) buff
- Low HP at earlier levels (need HB at the beginning for wulin, toad, HTs/CHTs)
- Use consumables (stars) – added cost and reduced USE inventory space, have to remember to recharge between bosses

How is this server’s NL different from other pre-BB servers?
  • HP Scrolls – not unique to Night Lords, but the HP scrolls on the server allow for NLs to have much higher HP than in other servers. NLs do not need hyperbody to survive end game bosses / content.
  • Triple Throw – added level 40, with base damage increased to 210%
  • Shadow Star – duration 180 seconds, gives 10% crit rate and crit damage
  • Shadow Partner – ATT is 80% at max level 40
  • Avenger – damage increased from 180% to 250%. Level 40 Shadow Claw duration increased from 120s to 180s
AP build

  • Main stat is LUK. Secondary stat is DEX (25 minimum)
  • The path for AP build is: DEX-less (start) > Some added DEX (mid-game) > DEX-less (end-game)
  • When you first start off, you can be DEX-less (25 DEX, rest into LUK) - by wearing LUK bathrobes, Pink Tube & Maple Claws, and all-class gear (zakum helmets, pendants, capes, shoes, maple leaf, rings of alchemists)
  • As you reach level 70+, you will need to start add some DEX to wear your thief bottom, thief top, and a thief claw (red craven, dragon purple sleeve, etc).
  • You will have to keep some DEX as you advance towards your reverse weapon, timeless gloves and timeless claw (Lampion) - need 160 DEX to wear
  • After you have finished your timeless gear, you can move extra DEX into LUK as you work on dual-stat accessories (i.e. Belt, Helmets, Rings, Face, Eye) - this will bring your end-game DEX back to 25.
SP build

First Job: Rogue

  • 1 Point into Lucky Seven
  • 5 into NImble Body (to unlock Keen Eyes)
  • Max Keen Eyes, then Lucky Seven, then Dark Sight, Rest into Nimble Body
Second Job: Assasin
  • 3 Points into Claw Mastery (to unlock Critical Throw)
  • Max Critical Throw
  • 5 Points into Claw Mastery (to unlock Claw Booster)
  • Max Claw Booster
  • Max Haste, then Claw Mastery, then Nimble body (first job)
  • 3 Points into Endure (to unlock Drain)
  • Rest of points into Drain (you will have enough SP in the future to max this)
Third Job: Hermit
  • 5 Points into Avenger, 1 Point into Flash Jump (for mobility)
  • Max Shadow Partner (max level is 40 here)
  • Max Avenger
  • Max flash jump (mobility), or max meso up (for more mesos), or max Alchemist (if training on apples) in any order
  • Max Shadow Web, Extra points into Drain (second job)
Fourth Job: Night Lord
  • Max Triple Throw First
    • Can put 1 point into Shadow Star first, at level 1 it will save you a few hundred stars per use.
    • Try to get Hero's Will and put at least 1 point into it before CHT in case you need it to save your life/run
  • Max Shadow Star - at level 40, this will give 10% crit rate + damage - will also help you not run out of stars in expeditions
  • Max Shadow Shifter
  • Max Maple Warrior for stats
  • Max Taunt / Veno Star / Ninja Ambush in any order

The main purpose of gearing, will always be to

1) have enough dex to wear equips, then
2) maximize the amount of LUK, contingent on you having enough DEX.

Main Gear



In-Game Macros

Set 1: Triple Throws x3 (mainly for grinding single target at Hall of Honor, or for bosses with no damage reflect) – using this for bosses with DR will kill you (i.e. Pink Bean, Chaos Horntail Left head, Lilynouch, Empress)
Set 2: Bossing / grinding buffs – Claw booster, shadow stars, shadow partner – each lasts 180-200 seconds
Set 3: Avenger x3 – mainly for mobbing – i.e. at skele bottom lane
Set 4: Looter mule at farming maps – haste + meso up, each lasts 300 seconds, + MW if your mages need MW to one-hit mobs


There really isn't anything fancy to NL bossing - as mentioned in the pros, the mechanics are very simple.
For single target bosses – use Triple Throw 40
For bosses with pot-lock (CHT right arm, CZAK, Empress) – you can use Drain to heal yourself during potion-lock to heal yourself
For codex-bosses, you can use Taunt to increase the enemy's item drop rate
Huge thanks to @Tommi for helping with and proofreading the guide ~ Please let me know if you have any questions / suggestions / additions.


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Jul 3, 2021
Awesome guide! Curious about the macros TT x3 and Avenger x3, is there some sort of reduced cast delay benefit or is this used just to save key strokes?
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Jun 16, 2021
Can you add a leveling guide for Night Lord?
I'll direct you to smol's training guide which includes the detailed levels and maps.
At earlier levels - you do your quests from your job instructor. Then you go Sleepywood > Mushroom Kingdom > CPQ > Ellin PQ > Pirate PQ or RNJ > Ulu > Skeles > Shaolin > Bosses.

For Nightlords in particular:
At PPQ you'd go into dark sight to help pick up keys and drop at doors
At Ulu you'd take either top or bottom lane
At skeles you'd take bottom lane and use avenger
At shaolin you'd take half the flat map
Bosses - you use TT40!


Sep 17, 2021
Thanks for the guide! Figured out that there is a @whodrops command, so thats been helpful in figuring out who drops certain stars.
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Aug 3, 2021
The third job SP allocation doesn't make any sense here. You cannot put points into FJ without at least 5 points in Avenger.


Jun 18, 2019
A couple of techs for NL that aren't mentioned in this guide:

1. Shadow meso removes defense buff from bosses. I think this is worth doing when many people are hitting the same target, such as CHT legs/tail. I believe level 1 is enough for a 100% chance for this effect. So 1 point should be invested into this skill at 3rd job.

2. Endure max is valuable as it can allow recovery of enough MP to drain following a potlock 1/1. Late 4th job points could be used to max this before taunt/venom/ambush/storm.

3. With the recent change to dark sight, NL can now flash jump during dark sight without cancelling the buff. So it's much safer to FJ through ht heads and toad/zak/cygnus body this way by using DS first.