Maplestory [High FPS AI render] around 60 fps


Jun 27, 2021
Hey !

I woke up this morning wondering if Maplestory would ever come in HD or higher frame rates when It suddenly came to my mind. I've seen some videos of frame rate animation upgrade with the help of an IA. Founda an alpha program and done this.

I used GIFs as input material so the quality could have been better. Results in game would be slightly better.
To keep it short, animations in game work like this.
Image 1 - Duration: 5 frames
Image 2 - Duration: 4 frames
image 3 - Duration: 6 frames
And so on.

Wich mean, this graphic improvement could actualy come into game fairly easily. The current "limitation" would be to test if there's a limit in term of speed, which sure there is... but which is it? I think every single animation would be able to run in MS right now. Just not 100% sure how it would goes.

Also, it takes around 15 sec to 1 minute to render each animation.
Now multiply that by something like a thousand or something? lol and that is just skills. I dont even count mob animations
Also, it would greatly increase the game's size lol
Animations would jump from 5x-15x in size.
so per say, game would probably reach 15 go lol ... from 2.5 go ish to 15 go. might even be worse, who knows
Note that I've took the x4 and not x2 and that would explain the massive gain in file size.
Pink Bean's animation goes from 0.268Mo to 5.51Mo.

I've not put the total frame increase because it's pretty much always x4 or x8 and I dont feel like it would be an interesthing information to have anyway. So I've put Frames VS FPSU
*FPSU =Frame Per Second Upgrade
Original [6frames]:

Manon FPSU [45 FPS] :

Original [20 frames]:

Genesis FPSU [63 FPS]:

Job: Priest
Skill: Shining Ray
Original [11 frames]:

Shining Ray FPSU[81FPS]:

Dragon Strike
Original [16 frames]:

Dragon Strike FPSU[59FPS]:

Job: Bowmaster
Skill: Hurricane
Original[6 frames]:

Hurricane FPSU[49FPS]:

Monster: Pink Bean
Pink Bean FPSU[66.6FPS]:

This is not always a full victory...
This is a battle mage' skill. It's not in game but in later versions of GMS
Original[34 frames]:

FPSU[265 frames, 86 FPS]:

Might be possible than the GIF was bad quality... But it seems fine. Fast animation made the rendering look odd. It tries to add extra images thats why. Make everything look smoother... but fast attacks like lightning... welp, there we go ~
Alright! I'm tired now ! :D See you around!
IGN: GoodMood

PS: Dont hope for any of this any time soon. This is just a showcase.
While this is theoricly all doable, there's a lot of things that come into concideration such as size files and [Export - Import - Compile] sort of shit into the WZ files. Doable... doable... but we would need Dream to do it (I think its a bannable offense to edit files from our own so not risking lol). I'm sure not everyone would be happy with a massive upgrade of file size too. Anyway. Hope you had a good time watching genesis's animation xD
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May 2, 2021
While its cool to mess around with, 90% of things turn out kinda wonky when you interpolate them like this, especially considering maple has such a low framerate that there is in most cases not enough information for the AI to work with. Even if it was doable and dreaM was willing to do something like that, I don't think it would be doing the game any favours, especially considering the time and disk space it would take.

Fun to have a look at the examples though (y):)
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Jun 27, 2021
I really really wanted to see how some skills looked like in 60fps.

I added a Battle Mage skills just to see how it goes. Welp, turns out fast animations skills such as lightnings can def turn bad! lol