hiya's ultimate thunderbreaker guide


May 24, 2021

hiya fellow tbois! i've noticed that lately many of you have been asking for a tb guide on discord, and so i've decided to make one based on my experience in maining one! i'm hoping to make a complete guide ranging from ap/ skill build to bossing strategies! without further ado, here it is:

i'm still really new to this whole formatting thing, so pls bear with me while i figure out the signposting function or whatever it's called for easier perusal!

what is a thunderbreaker?
to many, thunderbreakers are often seen as buccs' inferior counterpart and nothing could've been further from the truth. while we share many similarities with buccs, there are many features that make our class special and offer a unique gameplay experience. also check out these flashy skills!

but anyway, let me start off with the pros and cons of our class:
  • has high base hp (although not as high as warriors')
  • has iframes from barrage and corkscrewblow
  • has speed infusion (SI), which is a rare commodity these days - making you very sought after in boss raids!
  • has extremely fast attacking skills (helps in charging your energy bar a lot quicker)
  • has attacking skills with the best horizontal range on the server (sharkwave & kamehameha specifically), and some with amazing vertical range (annihilate)
  • one of the best cleaving classes after aran
  • has the flashiest endgame skills on the server (even @fx can't block kamehameha, octopunch, and sharkwave hehe)
  • lacks mobility (unless you consider spamming corkscrewblow a means of mobility)
  • has subpar single target dps unless extremely well-funded
  • does not have time leap (TL) unlike buccs

thunderbreaker buff/ changelogs
to those who are new to the class, i've taken the liberty of compiling the list of buffs and/or changes made to our class:

  • Marauder/Thunder Breaker's Energy Charge, Aran's Body Pressure no longer procs weapon reflect (suggestion thanks to skem)
  • Buccaneer, Thunder Breaker single target skills now factor attack count when charging energy
  • Reduced Thunder Breaker's Octopunch backswing delay from 150ms to 100ms
  • Increased Thunder Breaker's Annihilate attack count from 1 to 2
  • Reduced Thunder Breaker's lv 40 Annihilate base power from 430 to 295
  • Reduced Thunder Breaker's Kamehameha cooldown from 3s to 2s
please note that the change on june 7 re: rescaling of annihilate's base damage has been superseded by the july 31 changes

ap build + equip tips
as of writing this guide (august 10), you will only ever need the max of 120 total dex (that includes dex from existing equips) to equip all your endgame tb items. therefore, all other ap must only go into str. here's my tip on ur ap build and what you need to do along the way:

Level 10-85: ALL ap into str (you should still have a base dex of 20 from ur 1st job advancement). you don't need much dex here since you'll be spending most of ur time in PQs anyway
tips: since you are already gaining accuracy from knuckle mastery and the pink tube (milestone reward) OR maple golden claw, dex isn't crucial at this stage. that said, you can still get some cheap dex gears from the following:
  • bathrobe scrolled w/ 100% oa dex (from kerning swamp npc) - 10 dex
  • crocell hat (from crocell questline, which is available upon completing ur beginner pirate training quests with kyrin) - 12 dex 8 accuracy
  • zakum helmet (there are plenty of ppl who are giving this away, as long as you provide 5m to SOK it) - 13-17 dex 19-21 accuracy
  • epq earrings (aka glittering altaire earrings)
you will need to complete 20 rounds of epq to obtain this (provided that you don't leave the final map too early before someone successfully drops the marble on the well)

Level 85+: you MAY need to add some base dex, depending on how ur gears are looking thus far. you may need more dex here because this is when you would've graduated from pqMS and moved on to grindMS
tips: the general rule of thumb is to always have your total dex match your level until a maximum of 120. your pre-85 gears may be insufficient for you to hit 80-120 total dex, so here's what you need to get:
  • zakum helmet (preferably clean) - don't go wasting your mesos or 60% helm dex scrolls on this, as you're so close to getting a chaos zakum helmet very soon!
  • white belt (obtainable through dojo with only 200 points, and it's repeatable by resetting ur dojo points) - preferably scrolled with 60%/70% belt dex scrolls
  • maple leaf (with dex stats, even the lowest 4 dex ones go a long way) - you don't have to scroll this just yet unless you're willing to for a mere +1 dex per successful scroll
  • epq earrings
  • rex's red earrings (preferably badly scrolled or straightup garbage stats) - you can scroll this with 60% dex scrolls if you can afford to
  • mark of naricain (MoN) from cwkpq
  • white pioneer (lvl 80 equip, preferably through maker), scrolled with 60%/70% oa dex scrolls (maybe with 30% on the first few slots!)
tbh this is a shitty white belt - i've landed a 30% belt dex scroll and only passed 1 60% subsequently. but you can see how it's very easy to gain dex from belts, and the scrolls are inexpensive - people usually drop them in the gach room!
this could be expensive, but sometimes people are willing to let this go for a ridiculously low price if it was badly scrolled just like this one! also note the hp boost!
you can easily get one by simply going with some of the daily cwkpq squads - watch out for their smegas looking for leechers! you can whisper them to ask if there's a MoN available for pickup, and usually they are.

however you need to be level 90 to join cwkpq. also note the hp and wa boost!
this is what an average dex-scrolled white pioneer should look like.

but why a white pioneer specifically? when you're using the maker skill to craft one, you'll realise that the white pioneer is the first overall that allows you to utilise 2 crystals when crafting one. so it is the perfect balance between offering 2 crystal slots and having a low-dex requirement

when it comes to crafting an overall specifically, my golden rule is to ALWAYS use intermediate crystals (intermediate power, intermediate dex) and an overall production stimulator because it's the most economical way of getting a decently dex-scrolled overall earlygame!

think about it: imagine spending 40-60m on advanced crystals (+5 stats) to craft a white pioneer but the stats upon craft are not always guaranteed. but assuming that it came out really well, like 17+ str 17+ dex. are you just gonna use 60% scrolls on it? why not 30% because they were expensive to make and you wouldn't wanna risk destroying it!

on the other hand, imagine spending 4-6m on intermediate crystals (+3 stats) to craft a white pioneer. shitty stats upon craft? craft another one - you haven't wasted too much money so far! and after making one that you're somewhat satisfied with (15+ str 15+ dex for e.g.), throw 30% overall scrolls on them! afraid of destroying it? CRAFT ANOTHER ONE - again, you haven't wasted too much money! think about all the money you've just saved simply by not using advanced crystals.

eventually you would have crafted a decent white pioneer using intermediate crystals, land 1 or more 30% scrolls on it, finishing it with 60% or 70% scrolls, and it'll turn out much better than one that crafted with advanced crystals and scrolled with only 60%s! this is the crafting strat! and it's so much cheaper! save the advanced crystals for ur reverse/ timeless weapons ONLY!

at this juncture, you should have a significant amount of dex, perhaps close to 80 total dex (before equipping white pioneer). therefore, you can pump some ap into dex - the same amount that you're currently missing to get 80 total dex and equipping the white pioneer! and with the dex boost from ur white pioneer, you should be able to comfortably equip ur lvl90/100 knuckles and do fairly decent dmg at gallos and/or skeles!

endgame (level 200+): at some point in endgame, you'll start to notice that you have excessive dex coming from your equips that you no longer need despite being dexless (you would have washed out all ur base dex by now). this is when you'll need a complete gear overhaul and start scrolling them with str instead. these are some of my str items i have on my tb atm for ur reference:
  • chaos zakum helmet
  • canopus suit (lvl 110 overall)
  • chaos horntail pendant (fully egged)
  • spectrum goggles (from cwkpq)
  • rex's red earrings (scrolled for str)
  • yellow belt (scrolled for str)
  • circle of ancient power (obtainable upon hitting lvl 120 through milestone rewards)

these are just a few of my items that i've had to scroll endgame as i switched from dex to str gears. there are many other equips that can do the same, so go nuts and be creative!

skill build + training guide
well this is pretty self-explanatory so i'll just dive right into it:
level 10 (job adv): .. +1 straight (1/20)
level 11: ......................... +1 somersault kick (1/20), +2 dash (2/10)
level 12-14: ................. +8 dash (max), +1 straight (2/20)
level 15-20: ................ +18 straight (max)
level 21-27: ................. +19 somersault kick (max), +2 quick motion (2/10)
level 28-30: ................ +8 quick motion (max), +1 lightning (1/20)

basically max everything except lightning, it sucks

as for the training guide, just do exactly what you would do if you were to play any other class: helm questline + nlc quiz + sleepywood quests
level 30 (job adv): .... +1 improve maxhp (1/10)
level 31-33: ................... +9 improve maxhp (max)
level 34: ......................... +1 corkscrewblow (1/20), +2 knuckle mastery (2/20)
level 35-37: .................. +3 knuckle mastery (5/20), +6 knuckle booster (6/20)
level 38: ......................... +1 energy charge (1/20), +2 knuckle mastery (7/20)
level 39-42: ................. +12 knuckle mastery (19/20)
level 43-48: ................ +18 corkscrewblow (19/20)
level 49: .......................... +1 corkscrewblow (max), +2 lightning charge (2/20)
level 50-55: ................. +18 lightning charge (max)
level 56-63: ................. +19 energy charge (max), +2 knuckle booster (8)
level 63-66: ................. +12 knuckle booster (max)
level 67: .......................... +1 knuckle mastery (max), +2 energy blast (2/20)
level 68-70: .................. +9 energy blast (11/20)

maxing corkscewblow early allows u to do so much dps in cpq. also i personally found energy blast to be complete garbage. don't worry about not maxing it though, there's way too many sp lategame that can be used to max these useless skills eventually

from level 30-50, you can do mush kingdom questline or cpq from the start (you thrive in cpq because you're a mobbing class!)
at level 44 onwards: you can choose to go to epq, or remain in cpq until you hit level 51
at level 51-55: you would probably need to epq. ghost ship might be a lil slow for our class
at lvl 55-70: ppq all the way baby
level 70 (job adv): ..... +1 sharkwave (1/30)
level 71-80: .................... +1 critical punch (1/20), +29 sharkwave (max)
level 81-87: ................... +19 critical punch (max), +2 spark (2/20)
level 88-93: .................. +18 spark (max)
level 94-99: .................. save 18 sp
level 100: ....................... +20 barrage (max), save 1 sp
level 101-109: ............... save 28 sp (you can use some sp to max out previous skills, but make sure to leave 20 sp available)
level 110: ........................ +20 speed infusion (max), save 11 sp
level 111-113: .................. +20 energy drain (max)
level 114-120: ................ honestly add whatever you want

sharkwave should be your top priority because it helps you in literally ALL pqs (ppq & rnjpq). critical punch is ur 2nd most important skill. i like to add 1 sp into critical punch early just to see red numbers hehe. make sure you have energy drain maxed at the end of it because it's gonna help you with ur 4th job skill combo

as for the training guide, a lot of ppl still think that ppq is king in terms of exp. this is absolutely wrong. romeo & juliet pq (rnjpq) is the best exp, but you will need 1 person with teleport/ assaulter and another 1 with 120% jump (thief, marauder w/ transformation, windarcher w/ eagle eye, or someone with jump equips etc)
at level 70-85/89: you will wanna do rnjpq
at level 85/ 89 onwards (depending on how funded you are at this point): you can head straight to gallos
at level 105/108 onwards: you can head straight to skeles bottom lane or you can choose to solo gallos bottom lane, given sharkwave's insane horizontal range
this skill build comes with the assumption that you have all the skill books and mastery books readily available:

level 120 (job adv): ......... +1 octopunch (1/40), +1 kamehameha (1/40), +1 annihilate (1/40)
level 121-124: ........................+10 electric flux (max), +1 static focus (1/40), +1 kamehameha (2/40)
level 125-137: ...................... +38 kamehameha (max), +1 octopunch (2/40)
level 138-150: ..................... +38 octopunch (max), +1 annihilate (2/40)
level 151-163: ...................... +38 annihilate (max), +1 static focus (2/40)
level 164-173: .................... +29 static focus (31/40), +1 hero's will (1/5)
level 174-185: ..................... +4 hero's will (max), +30 call of cygnus (max), +2 static focus (33/40)
level 186-188: ......................+7 static focus (max), spend ur remaining sp however you like. you're set
level 189-250: .................. literally just add anything you want

at level 120-125: continue grinding at gallos bottom lane or skeles bottom lane
at lvl 125-17x: head to goldmonks at shaolin floor 5-6

now there are 2 ways to go about grinding at gold monks: option 1 would be to take bottom lane (bottom right specifically) and spam sharkwave/ annihilate and occasionally kamehameha when you're able to. you'll notice that your kamehameha is your best friend here

alternatively, if you're lucky enough to find an aran with at least a point in combo tempest, you can duo with them by taking top lane. combo tempest allows for all mobs that are hit to remain frozen. when that happens any subsequent hits on them while theyre frozen will instantly kill them, giving the hitter the full exp. ideally, you would want to let your aran partner take bottom so that they can amass 200 combos and hit combo tempest.

as a tb, you'll notice that your 3rd job spark skill allows for your attacks to hit faraway mobs, which in this case will be mobs on the bottom lane, as seen here
you'll notice how the lightning spark works the same as IL's chain lightning giving you the extra instant kills and ez exp (sorry arans for ksing ;) )

at level 17x: which won't take long at all, you'll head to hall of honor (hoh) and take bottom lane for the most optimum exp
and the grind continues until you hit 250

bossing guide
as you already know, tb's are a class that has lightning element in its attacks, so it's essential to note which bosses or parts of bosses that are lightning weak, resistant, or completely immune, which i will go through under this section. additionally, i will go through the best skill combos to be used in boss raids, which i came to learn from here. lastly, i will show you where the best spots to stand on as a tb for the most optimum dps output and some of my tips and tricks that may be useful to you.
lightning WEAKlightning RESISTANTlightning IMMUNE
what this means:​
you're doing more damage than usual on this specific target!

MAKE SURE to have lightning charge (2nd job skill) buffed up for the entire duration you're attacking this target
what this means:​
you're doing lesser damage than usual on this specific target!

REMOVE lightning charge from your active buffs by right-clicking it, but be careful not to accidentally cancel your other crucial buffs and/or apple
what this means:​
you're only doing damage of 1's on this specific target!

REMOVE lightning charge ASAP, your dps output goes down tremendously while everyone else's is going up
lightning WEAK bosses:
  • krex's left eye
  • toad body 2
  • chaos zakum body 1
  • normal horntail 2nd prehead + left arm
  • chaos horntail 2nd prehead + left arm
lightning RESISTANT bosses:
  • normal zakum arm 4
  • scarlion b1 + b2 + b3 (yet to be confirmed)
  • ariel (top statue in pinkbean final wave)
lightning IMMUNE bosses:
  • literally none of the bosses are lightning immune

skill macro + other tips
thanks to this forum post, it seems that the best skill macro for optimum dps (which I can also confirm upon testing at dojo) is octopunch + energy drain, which i will be calling it as octodrain for short. (do note that the octopunch + straight combo on that post is now obsolete following the recent tb buffs):
once you have this setup, you're ready to take on bosses! however do keep in mind that this only applies when your energy bar is filled up. when it's not filled up, your best bet is to hold down octopunch.

now that you're aware of which bosses/ boss parts are lightning weak, you must be able to know when to use static focus to supercharge your energy bar. the general rule of thumb would be to have it activated right when you're facing those lightning weak targets OR right before you're about to cleave many targets at once. here are the examples:
  • upon krex's left eye spawning (right after someone hits the tree branch)
  • after the toad man transforms into a huge toad (provided you're already on the right side)
  • upon zakum/ chaos zakum spawning and you're already on the right side ready to cleave arms
  • upon entering 2nd prehead map (horntail/ chaos horntail) and the prehead is coming out and is within your reach
  • upon horntail/ chaos horntail spawning and you're already on the left platform ready to cleave everything
zakum (normal & chaos)
i'm sure many of you are familiar with how zakum works, and chaos zakum isn't much different from that, except for the crazy debuffs that it has (which isn't the focus of this guide).

anyway, right before someone drops the eof, you need to be standing on the lower right platform:

and now all you need to do is use static focus and spam annihilate until ur energy bar is filled up:
(notice how even without jumping, annihilate hits all 4 right arms)
once you have ur energy charge up, you can kamehameha the heck out of the arms in between annihilate:
(again, theres no need to jump. kamehameha hits all 8 arms. ez life)
usually ppl tend to crowd on the left, which means left arms are more likely to die first before the 4 right arms. eventually some of ur right arms will die once more and more ppl come over to ur side. usually, the middle 2 arms on the right are the first to go since other classes will auto target those first. this will leave you with the top right arm and the bot right arm. at this point, you can focus on the bottom right arm by octopunching/ octodraining. there's no need to kamehameha at this point:
(ok maybe i took a bad screenshot, but basically i octopunched that and whited it)​

and now you're left with the top right arm. if you have energy charge up, just stand on the top right platform and octodrain:
and right after this arm dies, it's body 1 (b1) which is lightning WEAK, so hurry and get to ur position:
if ur static focus is up, use it right away and do the maximum dps you can do here. you should be able to white b1 if you're funded.

overall, this are the parts you should be whiting if you're funded:

and you should automatically be one of the top dps dealers if not the top, since the arms would've put you way ahead of others:

and there you go!
horntail (normal & chaos)
horntail in general is a cleaver's turf, and that means you should be able do insane dps on this boss. however you need to know the best spots to be on and here are some of my tips:

upon entering the horntail expedition, you'll first have to deal with the 1st prehead which is pretty straightforward. essentially all you have to is keep using octopunch or the octodrain combo when your energy bar is full. however, when your bar isn't full, you get knocked back from time to time and there's a specific ice breath that the prehead uses which pushes you all the way back. the animation looks like this:

when you see this animation happening, you should use barrage (yes, barrage is still useful even at 4th job!) not for its dps per se, but mainly for its iframes. this will give you enough time to stay immune from any attacks for a fraction of a second, after which you can resume octopunching. BUT if ur energy bar is already filled to begin with (therefore activating stance), you can just forget about needing to barrage and carry on octodraining

moving on to the 2nd prehead, note that it is LIGHTNING WEAK so ensure that your lightning charge is always active! the only 2 skills that the 2nd prehead has which you should take note of are:

1. ice breath
(pushes you to the back of the map)

and 2. lightning strike
(pushes you forward towards the head)

in either of these cases, it's always better to use barrage to get into iframes just like how you would've done on the 1st prehead. however note that, the lightning strike doesn't always hit you. it depends on the indicators on the ground. if there are none, it means it's going to be a full-map attack and you will need to barrage.

when any of these preheads are on cancel weapon attack, i would recommend still hitting them to charge up your energy bar but not fully charging it. ur energy bar should look something like this:

3346 (it's almost full, & you're only waiting for cancel weapon attack to be done before activating your energy charge for optimum dps)

and now we move into the real thing: horntail. while many single-target hitters will be focusing on legs and tail, you will be focusing on 4-6 targets at once (left head, mid head, wings, left arm, legs, tail). you will basically be using annihilate here (unless it's really low in level and ur sharkwave is stronger). this is that it should look like:
(the star represents where my char is and where you should be)
notice how annihilate hits 4 targets instantly without needing to jump (thank you annihilate for the insane vertical range). also note that left arm is lightning WEAK! you will be using annihilate here a lot until your energy bar is filled up, after which you will be using kamehameha every 2 seconds in between annihilate:
notice how kamehameha can hit most of the targets from where i'm standing. also note that the dmg on kamehameha fluctuates depending on the status of each horntail part and whether or not it's lightning weak. as for the specific hp threshold for each body part, i'm going to intentionally leave that out because it varies from one squad to another. for instance, some prefer to kill wings asap and leave left arm above 30% hp, while others might prefer to leave wings alive and left arm above 60%.

whatever the case is, when you're done with the left side, you can also cleave on the right side, which will look like this:
the platform right above the right arm (which is where i'm standing) is the best spot because it give you room to be knocked forward without falling, and it's the perfect spot for you to be hitting everything on the upper half of the body with kamehameha. when ur energy bar is not filled, you will just have to use annihilate until it's full again.

assuming that ur squad has decided to leave both arms and wings above a certain hp threshold, you will now then move to the heads. i recommend going straight to top left and standing at that sweet spot right behind a platform (be careful not to go too much to the right and risk taking left head's touch dmg):
here you'll see that i can hit the left head with ease. however what you may not know is that when the left head goes down, instead of you not hitting anything, you're able to reach the middle head from here. that means you are dpsing regardless of where the left head is.

when the left head is dead or is on cancel weapon attack or is on damage reflect (DR), you can go one platform above you and easily hit the middle head even if the middle head goes down. (if the left head is on DR, beware of the left head going up and taking dmg from ur attacks instead):

assuming that you're now done with left and middle heads, you can move onto the right head. simply go back to that same spot when you were cleaving from the right side earlier:
this should be pretty straightforward. however, when ur energy bar isnt filled up, i'd recommend standing right below the rope where the star is at, and resume octopunching until ur energy bar is filled. here, you'll find ur character getting 'ping-ponged' back and forth 95% of the time without causing ur character to fall off the platform.

now the trickiest part would be the right arm because it is capable of seducing and using potlocks. when you are potlocked and you are extremely low on hp, immediately use energy drain if ur energy bar is full:

however, only spamming energy drain can be bad especially when it casts a skill that completely drains ur mana and ur energy charge suddenly runs out (all of which is happening when you're still potlocked!). so who do you turn to to save you? a bishop (that could potentially kill you if you're zombified)? NOPE! iframes is the answer! whenever the right arm stretches out to attack, use barrage to get into iframes to avoid getting hit and potentially dying, or even knocked back:
(this is how far the right arm can stretch, which allows you to use barrage)
when the arm is not stretched, it's not attacking you, so go ahead and spam octopunch/ octodrain to finish it off.

as for the left arm, it's so much easier since you will be standing on a wider platform.

and that's pretty much it. this is mostly for chaos horntail. as for normal horntail, you can just cleave from start to finish without having toworry about DRs/potlocks/zombify.
this is one of the easiest bosses to kill, and the left eye is lightning WEAK. but here's the guide nonetheless:

upon someone hitting the tree branch, you need to quickly use static focus to supercharge ur energy bar, so that it goes up a lot faster and gives you more stance uptime. i personally think that this is the best spot to stand on:
reason being, if ur energy bar isnt filled up and you get knocked back, there's room on that platform to land on which allows you to move forward and resume octopunching. when ur energy bar is filled up, you can proceed to octodrain.

krex has some skills that will knock you back if you don't have a full energy bar. the skill looks like this:
this is when you know it's about to do a full-map attack, and if ur energy bar isn't filled, be ready to barrage to avoid getting knocked back.

and finally when you're done with the left eye, proceed to the right eye. there's a sweet spot right on its jagged mouth for you to stand on:
by standing on this spot, even if you get hit, you're not really knocked back because you'll automatically move back to ur original spot thanks to the shape of the mouth being vvvvvvv (idk how else to describe it LMAO)

and that's it!
toad runs are pretty braindead imo, but there's still a way to deal the most optimum dps, especially during b2 where it is lightning WEAK!

to start off, you would just walk up to the left side of the toad man (b1) and octopunch/ octodrain. nothing special there:
(during b1, you won't necessarily be doing the most dps, since bishops/ paladins might outshine you here due to holy weakness)​

once it's dead, get to the right side of toad instantly and hit static focus because this is where you catch up in dps and top the charts! don't forget to have lightning charge up since it's lightning WEAK. when ur energy bar isnt filled yet, you should attack from a safe distance like so:
(here you are not taking in touch dmg)
just keep octopunching until ur energy bar is filled up. once that happens, this is where the dps magic happens. you dive right into the body and octodrain all the way:
this is when ur dps go off the charts because 1. you're doing octopunch + drain + reflecting dmg back onto toad (all of which while it is lightning WEAK) and 2. i noticed that by tanking dmg, you're more likely to ignore its iframes, so most of ur attacks go through (however this is merely based on experience, and i'm not entirely sure if this is true).

somewhere around midway through b2, toad will start spawning baby toads. this is when you should have ur 3rd job sparks skill activated so that they get killed without you having to stop your octodrain momentum:
(the baby toads will get killed automatically, so just resume attacking anyway)​
and just keep doing that till it's dead
wulin gives one of the best exp for such a short period of time, so you need to make sure you have the best party that doesn't steal all the exp away from you but yet kill it fast enough. it's a straightforward boss but there is an exception to the octodrain combo. also, there are 2 ways you can go about doing this:
  • Option 1: helps the party by clearing all the mobs instantly:
    • higher dps on charts for bragging purposes
    • quicker runs since ur pt members can focus more on the boss
    • lower exp since less dps is focused on the boss specifically
  • Option 2: let the party deal with the mobs, and you solely focus on the boss:
    • lower dps on charts
    • slower runs
    • higher exp (higher chance of whiting too) since 95% of ur hits will land on the boss specifically
if ur going for option 1, you will have to put some distance between yourself and wulin:
(this is so that when he spawns mobs, you have some reaction time to kamehameha before the mobs move past you)
when you set some distance like in the pic above, you're able to kamehameha the mobs confortably:

now for option 2, you will want to stand right on wulin and tank the touch dmg while continuously octopunching:
and here's the exception i was talking about: even with energy charge up, DO NOT USE OCTODRAIN. why? it's because wulin tends to jump up in the air from time to time, which disrupts ur momentum. what ends up happening is that ur char will be stationary there because energy drain doesn't go through and ur entire skill macro is disrupted, which means ur char will be waiting for wulin to come down to finish up that skill macro. so, i would recommend only using octopunch, because even if he jumps up, you can easily react to it and jump up along with him and octopunch him mid-air:
(notice how my octopunch still lands on him eventhough he's so much higher than i am)
and that's pretty much it.
you should be familiar with how a pb run should look like before coming to this

one thing you should know is that tb can be regarded as a ranged attacker too, and since we're SE-reliant, it's best if we stay on the left side for the statue stages unless you can get SE on the right side

when hitting a close-range statue, just octodrain ur way with occasional kamehamehas if there's another statue right behind it

when hitting a ranged statue, just use annihilate mostly and kamehameha when ur energy bar is full like so
do make sure that you're standing right before the yellow orb (don't wanna trigger DR here)
after killing the DR statue, and assuming ur on wave 4, you would wanna do the same thing on the sed statue
again, don't go beyond the yellow orb below pb (this is especially crucial, you don't want mass sed)

also note that both annihilate & kamehameha make u look like ur char is on the yellow orb but not to worry, just look at where ur ign and guild are to find the exact spot ur char is on (which in this case is right before the yellow orb)

as we move on to wave 5, just do the same thing as you did on wave 4 EXCEPT you don't have to deal with the mass sed statue. let the ranged attackers deal with that. instead, you can go straight up to ariel and do as much dps as possible when she's not on cancel wa.
there's a platform right before ariel. you can alternate between octopunch and barrage to avoid getting hit and octodraining when energy charge is full
DO TAKE NOTE that ariel is lightning RESISTANT, so ur dmg will be low if u have lightning charge and sparks activated

when it's on cancel wa, just go straight down (from the left side! DO NOT cross the yellow orb right below pb if the sed statue is still up)

and now we're at the final boss stage
ideally you would wanna pin it to the left so that pb will be facing right 99% of the time - this is important to avoid sed. also it's always best if you rush instead of a warrior because you have iframes to avoid touch dmg for a short while

when pb is pinned, just spam octopunch and octodrain when energy bar is full.

a crucial role that buccs/tbs play at this stage is also pinning when pb is on DR. try not to get a warrior and NEVER get an aran to pin it when it's on DR. they may instantly die right after rushing because they instantly take in touch dmg. it's obviously different for us because right after we use corkscrewblow to pin, we have iframes for ~1 second, which is plenty of time to pot up to full hp. do make sure that ur hp is full before pinnin on DR though

and that's it folks!
work in progress

(note that the bossing guide is still a work in progress, as i'm lacking in screenshots LOL. feel free to check out the rest of the guide though!)

tb's are meant to cleave moreso than dealing single target dps, but with the right progression and funding, you'll be able to be on par with some mid-tier dps classes while enjoying the class in the process!

hope this guide adequately answers your burning questions, but if you seek any further insights or clarifications, feel free to hmu in-game (ign hiya or sean) or leave a message on this thread! :)

hiya (sean)


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Jun 16, 2021
So amazing!! Love that you included the gears too - thank you for sharing!
I've added this to the guides directory
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May 24, 2021
UPDATE: I’ve completed the nht/cht bossing guide. will try to complete other bossing guides now (still trying to get screenshots)


May 24, 2021
UPDATE: i've completed the nzak/czak + krex + wulin + toad bossing guides!

i'm now left with pb and cygnus empress! :)
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Jul 26, 2021
You are my GOD!
May i have a question?
why not max static focus b4 annihilate ?
static focus can help dmg in boss run,but we wont use annihilate ibn boss run.


Apr 28, 2021
Thank you sean!! In case anybody was wondering on the specifics around Lightning Charge:

against lightning-neutral mobs (hence why this should almost always be cast): 120% damage
against lightning-weak: 150% damage
against lightning-strong: 90% damage
against lightning-immune: 60% damage (you won’t be hitting 1s unlike I/L mages)

The same applies to Dawn Warrior’s soul charge and holy elemental weaknesses. TB/DW are a bit unique in that their elemental advantage effect is halved compared to Arch Mages/Paladin (1.25x increase instead of 1.5x). Wind Archer does get a full 1.5x multiplier against holy-weak when transformed but gains no multiplier against holy-neutral mobs.
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May 24, 2021
You are my GOD!
May i have a question?
why not max static focus b4 annihilate ?
static focus can help dmg in boss run,but we wont use annihilate ibn boss run.
omg im so sorry i missed this! hope ur super high level by now that this question is no longer relevant haha

but in any case! it's just my personal opinion that the duration difference between lvl 1 vs lvl 31 static focus isn't worth putting all the hard-earned AP onto it especially at lower levels! maxing annihilate first is definitely good for cleaving dmg! sharkwave isn't that good for cleaving at boss runs, and i only use sharkwave to clear black wyverns at nht/cht, so don't miss out on your cleaving dps potential!

but at the end of the day, one of the best things about tb is that it's very versatile, so you can add what you think makes the most sense to you! you're gonna level super fast to 17x anyway thanks for kamehameha at gold monks and cleave-reliant boss runs! :) hope this helps!


May 24, 2021
Thank you sean!! In case anybody was wondering on the specifics around Lightning Charge:

against lightning-neutral mobs (hence why this should almost always be cast): 120% damage
against lightning-weak: 150% damage
against lightning-strong: 90% damage
against lightning-immune: 60% damage (you won’t be hitting 1s unlike I/L mages)

The same applies to Dawn Warrior’s soul charge and holy elemental weaknesses. TB/DW are a bit unique in that their elemental advantage effect is halved compared to Arch Mages/Paladin (1.25x increase instead of 1.5x). Wind Archer does get a full 1.5x multiplier against holy-weak when transformed but gains no multiplier against holy-neutral mobs.
oh damn i never knew that! i probably have to rework the lightning weak vs strong vs immune table again! thanks so much for this! :)
Jul 3, 2021
when it's on cancel wa, just go straight down (from the left side! DO NOT cross the yellow orb right below pb if the sed statue is still up)
Sean, here where you talk about the ariel statue, do you mean we can just drop down to hit the sed statue?


May 24, 2021
Sean, here where you talk about the ariel statue, do you mean we can just drop down to hit the sed statue?
hmm when I said drop down, I meant dropping down to the ground if you end up killing ariel first and the sed statue is up. if ur talking about dropping onto that small hidden platform right before ariel, you can’t reach sed statue (unless you sharkwave but that isn’t worth it tbh)


May 24, 2021
could you possibly add a section on how to get all the 4th job skills ? pls&ty
ooo I could, but I can tell you now that they’re all from zak drops! I don’t recall there being any quest for any of my tb-specific 4th job skills!


Jul 26, 2021
could you possibly add a section on how to get all the 4th job skills ? pls&ty

I love TB,#BUFFTB'S Single target dps