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Aug 21, 2021
Super basic, mostly because there isn't a guide here on the forums yet.

When you can consistently hit 3 targets, you are almost always the top DPS class. Cleave for days with 99% stance. Remarkably tanky because of warrior HP and not needing to zerk - you're usually next up for SED after all the Shadowers, Night Lords, and Night Walkers get dragged to the top of the list. On the fights with a lot of single target plus spawned mobs, brandish will auto-clear the mobs while continuing to DPS the boss. Between Brandish's hitbox and priority and 99% stance, your actual DPS on bosses is going to be pretty close to your theoretical DPS.

The actual mechanics of bossing are very easy for the class too. Autopot to keep your HP topped off, watch the buff bar to reapply things, get to your spot, and hold down brandish with stance on. If you keep to the fights you are good at, the overall gear and level investment needed to do well is also reasonable

When you can't hit 3 targets, your damage is mediocre. You are also a melee class, so there's stages on Pink Bean where your best attacking skill is Three Snails. Also, you are a pure DPS class and bring little other utility outside of being a decent SED target.

Oh, and your leveling to 4th job and brandish is very painful and awkward.

You want a 2h sword. If you pour an absolutely massive amount of money into crafting and perfect scrolling a 1h sword plus shield, you'll do very slightly more damage. In the meantime, the 2h sword user has higher multipliers for appo, less slots to perfect scroll, fewer pieces of equipment to craft and level, etc. Overall it's just not worth the hassle and expense until extremely late game.

Axes have very slightly better swing modifiers and worse stab ones, you will just do less damage with an axe. Go with swords.

put everything into STR. You might want to put some points into DEX to equip a stonetooth and reset them out later.

Max HP increase first, then Slash Blast, then Power Strike, then whatever. The auto suggested guide probably does this, and it's the same thing as what dark knights do.

5 sword mastery, 6 sword booster, max mastery, max booster, rest doesn't matter except for 0 points in final attack. You want booster early for the big attack speed increase on most classes IMO, and the early 30s go by quickly anyhow due to Mushroom Kingdom.

Max combo attack, 1 point in shout for CWKPQ later, everything else is useless. Hope you're enjoying slash blast, it's what you're doing until 120

It gets a bit more interesting here, but not by far. Brandish to 31 first, it's your only good attacking skill and 31 gets a big advantage over 30. Get one point in Rush for Wulin & CWKPQ, put points into stance until bossing feels OK to you (20 by default), max Brandish and Advanced Combo Attack for more damage, and finally max stance so you can turn your brain completely off. After brandish/adv combo/stance are maxed things don't matter all that much, I went for Achilles next for more survivability.

You slash blast until 120, so good luck. Highly suggest having a main that's easier to get to bossing levels with and abuse the daylights out of Ephey's weeklies. 1st job is straightforward to 30, 2nd is mushroom kingdom => kerning square => EPQ/MP3/weeklies to 55 for PPQ. Andras gloves/boots/helm are a good idea to grab here too.

3rd job you continue to slash blast things, if you have a bishop on a second account it helps a ton. Romeo and Juliet PQ is nice too, you might want to invest in gearing for 120 jump so you can find parties. I actually went to Vikerolas here as "basically Gallos with slightly worse xp/hp ratio and a much worse map, but you don't mob well anyhow so it's still good xp with a HS mule". You can also afk leech at Ulu Entrance at 80, self-leech with your bishop, and move on to gallos whenever you can hit them (at 89 at the latest). The Neo City time travel questline also gives a surprising amount of XP in the 90s or so range. Keep grinding through and eventually you can start doing skeles (leech is at 108), where you will stay until you start bossing in 4th job. You might wind up where skeles stop having enough HP to be worthwhile, at which point you can start grinding in shaolin 5-6.

In general - SI is love, SI is life. If you have to choose between getting SE and SI, you want SI. Your brandish will prioritize hitting further-away and higher-up enemies, so usually if there's any adds you'll cleave them while continuing to hit the boss.

Zakum - cleave the bottom three right arms with brandish from the back of the 2nd platform. When one of them dies, move to the top three left arms (front of the lowest platform). You won't get knocked off the platform here when you get hit, and brandish on 3 arms is really good damage. The top right arm is a gigantic pain to do any damage to without stance, beg the NLs to dps it. Once the arms are down make your way to the left side, where you have two options. You can either try to tank the body touch damage to get iframes for the stuns, or stand a decent amount of distance back and cleave away the spawns from the ranged attackers.

Chaos Zakum - just like nzak, but with more annoying mechanics and higher green requirements. Warrior HP and brandish means that you can green with Brandish 31 and an onyx apple unless the party is extremely stacked and cleaves the arms away extremely fast. Even then you get some bonus from cleaving the spawned mobs too which helps out. The czak HP scrolls give 2 to each stat that are AP resettable, so you want to do this boss as soon as you think you can green it.

Krex - very straightforward fight, just don't touch the eye. Not a particularly good fight for you because it's all single-target.

Wulin - another pretty straightforward fight, you'll be responsible for rushing the boss. Tell the party to NOT hit it until it's pinned in the corner. Wulin hits low levels pretty hard so you might need to adjust your autopot threshold up, but warrior HP pools means you will be fine. Stand as far back as you can while still in range to hit Wu - you'll still have high uptime on the main boss, and cleaving the adds help the ranged DPS classes out a ton too.

Toad - it's a giant pile of HP that hits hard, and you need a decent amount of accuracy and levels to even hit it. Once you can hit it though it's an easy addition for more XP. Left side first stage, right side second stage.

Normal Horntail - once you have your main three 4th job skills maxed, this is the fight where you really shine and get a ton of XP (if 6 man). You might have to be SED, especially if you have points in Achilles. Listen and communicate with the party leader when it comes to percentages and stopping DPS on parts. 99% stance with 100% uptime means you have a lot more brain cycles free, please be courteous by using that to pay attention to boss HP and help coordinate and communicate.

The hands do annoying and dangerous debuffs when they're at low HP, and the heads take extra damage when the wings are alive, so it's important to run speed to avoid doing too much cleave damage to the wrong parts. Ask the leader for what percentages to stop at.

Go up to the lower front left platform and cleave the left hand, wings, and middle head to start. The exact targets can vary a bit as things move, mostly left head dipping down to get hit. If the middle head does cancel weapon attack, you can cleave hand + wings + left head instead from the lower back platform. Once the legs and tail are down, swap over to the right platform. At the very front of it on NHT only, you can cleave the right hand and two heads (on CHT it hits the wings instead because of slight position differences). If middle head CWAs, you can again back up to cleave hand/wings/right head. Once the HP thresholds for stopping the wings/hands are reached, go up to the top platforms and cleave two heads. The wings will periodically rise up a bit in an animation and get brandished, so if that happens and they die you might want to drop down and cleave a hand again.

Chaos Horntail - just like NHT, except with more HP, more debuffs, slightly different brandish hitboxes, and the left head has damage reflection on physical attacks.

Pink Bean - you probably won't get slotted here and for good reason, I'm planning on never running it on Hero.

Empress - haven't done it yet, see an Empress specific guide

Early Game - Sad Mask, yellow bath towel with dex 60s. You'll want to pink flower tube to 55 for getting carried in PPQ and eventually grabbing a Maple Soul Rohan. You also want to do the Andras questline to get the helmet, gloves, and boots. Boots maybe get jump scrolled for doing the thief stage of RnJ PQ, gloves get GFA 60s slammed on them, helmet helps with hitting stuff. Everything further on in this section is 4th job & bossing equips.

Weapon - Stonetooth Sword => Timeless Nibelheim. Skip the reverse due to attack speed unless you have a fixed bossing party with SI. You probably want to buy a PB drop Timeless and slam 60s. Eventually you want a good craft/level and perf scroll.

Helmet - you want a 24 strength czak, throw some dex 60s on it if you need accuracy to hit toad, dex to equip a stonetooth, or stop having effective ways to throw money at your char.

Face - STR Maple Leaf (Dex if need acc or for stonetooth)

Eye - Spectrum Goggles => Archeologist Glasses

Earring - Rex Red, probably STR scrolled again. Can pick this up relatively quickly by leeching CWKPQ at level 90 for inkwell coins (12 per day, 30 to buy).

Overalls - Crafted a reverse with intermediate str/dex/black + stim at level 120. Pieces of time are very affordable right now.

Pendant - Mark of Naricain (free from CWKPQ leech, ask for MoN until you get 6 str 11 watt) => Chaos Horntail Necklace (11 watt before egging).

Rings - STR scrolled milestone, Aura Ring, and whatever fits your budget after that.

Gloves - GFA 60s on BWG or Andras Gloves works until you have the cash for Timeless. No dex req on the Timeless, so I suggest crafting or buying PB drops and leveling. Pick a threshold for one to keep for eventually perfect scrolling (I kept a crafted 12/15 watt one), slam GFA 60s on the rest and use as placeholder gear.

Cloak - Blackfist cloak, ideally chaosed for weapon att.

Boots - Facestompers, ideally chaosed for weapon att. If you're very poor, a crafted reverse boots can give enough stats to roughly be as good as a clean FS.

Belt - disregard witch belts, acquire dojo belt. Farm for white belts to STR scroll until you have serious time/money on hand.

Pet Equip - you'll want 3x +7 perf scrolled pet equip for att eventually. Most cost-efficient to slam 15s without white scrolls on kino hats for the initial +2, throwing away at +0/6 slot and +1/4 slot. If you get a +2/4 slot CSS back the lone failure.

Gear Investment Order - get placeholder bossing gear in all your slots first. Get your pet equips started at 3x +2/5 slots, then egg your CHTP to +3 with CDS. Don't use white scrolls on this, hammer the extra slots - as long as the CHTP is under +3 you can still egg, having clean hammer slots just lets you chaos later. You're done with everything that doesn't need white scroll + 15% to land, so it's now a question of how many characters are sharing pet equips and how good your placeholder gear is. Two or more pet equip users means perfing pet equips next for +3 watt per success. After that it's either weapon or gloves depending on the weapon attack difference between scrolled placeholder and unscrolled. Usually it's weapon first because it gets attack from crafting and 5 per success instead of 3, but your situation may vary.

Once gloves and weapon are perfected, most of what's left is various forms of chaos scroll degeneracy. Cloak and boots for weapon att, helmet for strength, CHTP for weapon att. Maybe trying to get a very good crafted overall and white scroll + 10% it for strength.

haha brandish go *brrrr*
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Thanks for the guide - added to the directory.