Comprehensive Aran Guide


Aug 4, 2021
This is a no frills guide for all things aran on Dream MS. Keep in mind this is simply my way of enjoying the game. It's fine to do things differently than as I've written. My goal is to create a thread where information about arans can be shared, so feel free to leave comments and ask questions! -Ray

Last updated: 9/22/21

Aran’s core gameplay requires your attention to realize your full damage potential. It’s kind of like a fighting game, where you have combos you can use when presented with different scenarios and if you press the right buttons at the right time in the right scenario, you’ll be rewarded. This is in my opinion the “make it or break it” for this class. If you enjoy doing this, you'll like playing Aran.

Insane DPS when mobbing, and decent single target DPS in parties with buffsYou’ll be pressing keys on your keyboard a lot. If you’re a hardcore grinder, you’ll want to be wary of carpal tunnel. I was fine grinding multiple hours by taking breaks and stretching.
Highly mobile for a melee class with combat step when used properlyA couple skills are basically completely irrelevant: rolling spin, final toss, combo tempest, and smart knockback
Sustain with combo drainReliant on SE/SI and combo maintenance to deal average single target DPS
Skills look great and feel satisfying to useMelee range
Arans are never weak when training up to bossing levels.Some people will find the required quests to unlock some of your 1st-3rd job spells annoying.
Easily slotted into most bosses because arans aren’t reliant on HB and do notably great damage to wulin and horntail.You’ll sometimes rely on accuracy potions to 100% hit monsters in earlier levels if you aren’t funded.
Funding helps but you’ll absolutely fine without funds playing Aran.95% stance makes you want to commit human rights violations

Skills are slightly different in DreamMS compared to over v82 servers. Check out the exact differences here: (Ctrl+F skill changes)
Credit to ayumilove

LV 10 : 1 Double Swing (1/20)
LV 11 : 3 Double Swing (4/20)
LV 12 : 2 Double Swing (6/20), 1 Combat Step (1/15)
LV 13 : 3 Double Swing (9/20)
LV 14 : 2 Double Swing (11/20), 1 Combo Ability (1/10) [QUEST]
LV 15 : 3 Double Swing (14/20)
LV 16 : 3 Double Swing (17/20)
LV 17 : 3 Double Swing (20/20)
LV 18 : 3 Combat Step (4/15)
LV 19 : 1 Combat Step (5/15), Save 2 SP (2)
LV 20 : Save 3 SP (5)
LV 21 : Save 3 SP (8)
LV 22 : 11 Pole Arm Booster (11/20) [QUEST]
LV 23 : 3 Pole Arm Booster (14/20)
LV 24 : 2 Combat Step (7/15),1 Pole Arm Booster (15/20)
LV 25 : 3 Combat Step (10/15)
LV 26 : 3 Combat Step (13/15)
LV 27 : 2 Combat Step (15/15), 1 Pole Arm Booster (16/20)
LV 28 : 3 Combo Ability (4/10)
LV 29 : 3 Combo Ability (7/10)
LV 30 : 3 Combo Ability (10/10)

Credit to ayumilove

LV 30 : 1 Triple Swing (1/20)
LV 31 : 2 Triple Swing (3/20) , 1 Pole Arm Mastery (1/20) [QUEST]
LV 32 : 3 Pole Arm Mastery (4/20)
LV 33 : 3 Pole Arm Mastery (7/20)
LV 34 : 3 Pole Arm Mastery (10/20)
LV 35 : 3 Pole Arm Mastery (13/20)
LV 36 : 3 Pole Arm Mastery (16/20)
LV 37 : 3 Pole Arm Mastery (19/20)
LV 38 : 3 Triple Swing (6/20)
LV 39 : Save 3 SP (3)
LV 40 : Save 3 SP (6)
LV 41 : Save 3 SP (9)
LV 42 : Save 3 SP (12)
LV 43 : Save 3 SP (15)
LV 44 : Save 3 SP (18)
LV 45 : 1 Triple Swing (7/20), Combo Smash (20/20) [QUEST]
LV 46 : 3 Triple Swing (10/20)
LV 47 : 3 Triple Swing (13/20)
LV 48 : 3 Triple Swing (16/20)
LV 49 : 3 Triple Swing (19/20)
LV 50 : 1 Triple Swing (20/20), 2 Combo Drain (2/20)
LV 51 : 3 Combo Drain (5/20)
LV 52 : 3 Combo Drain (8/20)
LV 53 : 3 Combo Drain (11/20)
LV 54 : 2 Combo Drain (13/20), 1 (Final Charge 1/30) [QUEST]
LV 55 : 3 Combo Drain (16/30)
LV 56 : 3 Combo Drain (19/20)
LV 57 : 1 Combo Drain (20/20), 2 Body Pressure (2/20)
LV 58 : 3 Body Pressure (5/20)
LV 59 : 3 Body Pressure (8/20)
LV 60 : 3 Body Pressure (11/20)
LV 61 : 3 Body Pressure (14/20)
LV 62 : 3 Body Pressure (17/20)
LV 63 : 3 Body Pressure (20/20)
LV 64 : 3 Final Charge (4/30)
LV 65 : 3 Final Charge (7/30)
LV 66 : 3 Final Charge (10/30)
LV 67 : 3 Final Charge (13/30)
LV 68 : 3 Final Charge (16/30)
LV 69 : 3 Final Charge (19/30)
LV 70 : 3 Final Charge (21/30), 1 Pole Arm Mastery (20/20)

Full swing>>combo critical combo>>combo fenrir>>snow charge>>final toss>smart knockback>>max 1st job polearm booster>dump remaining points in rolling spin

Why Fenrir so early?
Normally fenrir is maxed much later but in DreamMS, using a combo spell does not reset your combo to 0, but rather subtracts the combo required to use the spell from your current combo. This means you can use fenrir when you have 200 combo and you'll be left with 100 combo, maintaining your combo ability and criticalc ombo so your regular attack dps stays high even after using it, making fenrir extremely powerful on this server.

A couple notes on 4th job skills:
  1. You can’t use fenrir if you have a point in combo tempest and you’re above 200 combo
  2. You can’t use drain if you have a point in combo barrier and you’re above 200 combo.
Because of this, I do not recommend putting any points into combo tempest. Fenrir has many more use cases than combo tempest. Without a point in tempest, you can use fenrir whenever you want multiple times to deal massive damage to mobs and/or to reduce your combo to below 200 so you can use drain instead of barrier when you want to.

**I haven’t done the math on the value of the 10 attack from high mastery 40 compared to overswing/final blow My gut says the points in overswing and final blow will give you more damage than finishing high mastery 40, so my SP builds are based off this assumption.**

There’s going to be some variability based on when you plan to boss. If you plan to train at temple 3-4 or 5-6 for longer and don’t mind not having stance for zakum/krex until 160, I would use the following SP build:

1 overswing>>high mastery 26>>final blow 21>>overswing 40>>high mastery 40>>final blow 40>>freeze standing 30>>maple warrior 30>>combo barrier 30>high defense 30

If you’re not as much of a grinder and find that when you hit 4th job, you’re mostly just doing daily bosses, I recommend the following SP build:

1 overswing>>high mastery 26>>final blow 21>>freeze standing 10 or 20 based on preference>>overswing 40>> final blow 40>>high mastery 40>> freeze standing 30>>maple warrior 30>.combo barrier 30>>high defense 30

If Aran is your first and only character, I would recommend putting about 20-25 points into dex to mitigate the accuracy issues you’ll probably face on the grind to 120 and also to make it easier for you to hit the 80 dex you need to equip your level 100 weapon. AP resets are cheap on this server, so add as much as you need. You can reset it later.

If you’re funded and have accuracy from Blessing of Fairy/dex equips, you can go +5 into STR for all levels.

Early Game (1-100)Mid Game (100+)Late Game
(equips while perfecting)
End Game (prefect equips)
HatAndras hat (lv 18), zakum helmet(lv 50), clean chaos zakum helmet (lv 100)24str Chaos zakum helmet scrolled with 60% dex24 str chaos zakum helmet scrolled with 60% dexChaosed chaos zakum helmet for str/dex
EyeClean spectrum goggles (lv 70)Clean spectrum goggles (lv 70)Archaeologist glasses chaosed for str/dexEmpress eye patch chaosed for att
EarringAny earring scrolled for dex, usually single earring lv 10Rex’s red earrings (lv 75)Rex’s red earrings scrolled for strTimeless earrings
FaceSad mask (lv 25)Maple leaf (str)Maple leaf (str)Maple leaf chaosed for str/dex
Overall10+ dex bathrobeSkeles dropped neos top/bottom scrolled with 60% str/dex respectivelyCrafted lv 100 top/bottom scrolled with 60% str/dex respectively, or pb drop timeless taragon scrolled for strCrafted timeless tarragon
PendantSpiegelman's necklace of chaos (lv 51)Egged horntail pendant (lv 120)

Clean chaos horntail pendant (recommend 11str/11dex/11att (lv 150)
Chaos Dragon Stone scrolled chaos horntail pendant +3(lv 150)Perfect Chaosed and CDSed CHTP
Rings--Circle of ancient strength (lv 20)
Circle of ancient power (@ephey>>milestone rewards)
Circle of ancient strength, circle of ancient power (@ephey>>milestone rewards)Maple conqueror ring, ring of alchemists chaosed for str/dex, angelic blessing ring
WeaponBeginner polearm (lv10), pink flower tube (type @ephey in chat, >>milestone rewards- lv 30), maple karstan (lv 64, @ephey>>pq rewards>>level 64 weapon), crimson arcglaive scrolling varies by funding (lv 100)Crimson arcglaive (lv 100, recommend investing heavily into this, 107 attack with 3 30% and 6 60%, +/- based on fundingPB dropped Timeless diesra 60% scrolled (lv 140)

*I do not recommend crafting your own diesra unless you are willing to grind for 50-60ws with little range benefit in between
Crafted +9 Timeless diesra (lv 140)
CapeClean pink adventurer cape/pink gaia cape (lv 50,65), taru spirit cape (lv 80), blackfist cloak (lv 100)6-8ish attack scrolled capeRecommend 14-16 or so att cape as you perfect your weaponChaosed Timeless Moonlight (lv 140)
GloveAndra’s glove (lv 10) or any glove scrolled for attackAndra’s glove (lv 10) or any glove scrolled for attack20-26 att timeless bergamot FM purchased(lv 140)Perfect crafted timeless bergamot (lv 140)
Belt--White/yellow belt scrolled for dex or str 60%Blue/black belt scrolled for dex with 60%Black belt chaosed for str/dex
ShoesSquishy shoes (lv 30)6 att scrolled FS (lv 50)Recommend 10-13 att FS as you perfect your weaponChaoed FS (lv 50)

Late towards end game equip notes

I recommend focusing your efforts in the following order. This is based on which items give you the most damage for the lowest price while factoring in resale value.

  1. 1x 15% 6x60% pet equips (3)
  2. 12-14 attack cape
  3. 10-12 attack facestompers
  4. Chaos Dragon Stone Chaos Horntail Pendant x3
  5. Timeless bergamot (aim for about 24 attack)
  6. Start perfecting diesra with 15%+ws or save up 50-60ws to buy one

General training spots guide here

My recommendations for Arans:
1-10 Rien quests
10-20 Job quests, warrior training quest from Dances with Balrog, Andra’s questline
20-30: Sleepywood quests, KPQ
30-51: CPQ
51-55 EPQ, Mysterious path 3 *these levels are slower than usual
55-89: PPQ, RNJ at 70 if you want some variety
89-108: Gallos, dreamy ghost
108-120- Skeles,
120-135: Shaolin temple 1-2 and 3-4, Temple of Time questline, Wulin prequest
135-160: Shaolin temple 3-4 and 5-6, zakum, krexel
160-180 Shaolin 5-6, zakum, krexel, wulin, horntail, CWKPQ
180-210 Hall of Honor, zakum, krexel, wulin, toad, horntail, chaos horntail, chaos zakum
210-250 Hall of Honor, dailies, pink bean

Prequest information here:

There’s two spots you can mob at. I go to whichever side my party is for easy rebuffing. The top left arm is ice weak. I usually stand at 1, far enough away that if I’m knocked forward I don’t fall off the platform.

During the body phase, you can turn on body pressure and use drain to sustain through the boss touch damage. It protects you against 1/1's. You'll only need to watch out for cancel weapon attack which stops your drain.

Chaos zakum notes:
Use the same two spots to hit arms. It’s especially important to stay on the side your party is at for rebuffing because joystick reversal and dispels makes it harder to rebuff and you have to do it more often.

Keep your drain up during the body phase because chaos zakum can pot lock you and drain will keep you alive.

Not much to say here. Just turn off ice charge for scarlion, which is ice strong. Ice charge helps for targa.

I recommend attacking the left eye and right eye from these spots. They’re easy to recover from when knocked back. Most straight forward boss by far. I like to hit the left eye from here.

I will always attack the right eye from here:

Alternatively, you can stand on the eyes and use drain/body pressure for a bit of extra damage.

Arans shine in wulin. You can mob the clones and wulin is ice weak. Most ranged classes prefer a pin to the left, and most melee classes prefer a pin to the right. Based on your bossing party, pin accordingly. Once pinned, wulin attacks less frequently. Sometimes you will need to step away from the wall to hit wulin while he’s jumping up and attacking. It is very worth it to use apples here to secure a white and/or to get extra exp.

Not the best boss for arans. Also very straight forward. There’s a jump quest to get to this boss, so most people will buy doors to this boss. The last person to leave the boss is teleported to a random map and needs to use a return scroll then re-enter through your bishop’s door. Don’t let your party leader or bishop be the last to leave.

This is one of the more nuanced bosses in MS.

Matt over at Royals has a great guide on horntail linked here (tactics sections are mostly not applicable). The Detailed Monster Information section is especially useful.

Prequest note: Make sure you have the quest "Making the Secret Medicine for Transformation"accepted prior to going for manon's cry. The name for the quest is different the first time but the quest itself is the same. Look for smegas that manon's are available to get your manon's cry. I go to The Hidden Dragon Tomb II (location in image below) to get cornian’s marrow, busted dagger, and skull shoulder pads. You can get tough dragon skins from any colored wyvern which you will see on the way to horntail. Take the busted dagger to Mos in Leafre (top middle) and he’ll turn it into a cornian’s dagger with a steel and mithril plate and some mesos.

Entering horntail
If you haven’t done the mark of a squad quest, you’ll need a party member who did the quest to party you and let you in to skip the HTPQ. Alternatively, you can create a party, enter the htpq yourself, and relog. Once you log back in, go through a few maps and you're in the cave.

Horntail preheads
At the time of writing this guide, pet hp/mp is bugged when standing near ropes, so you will need to manually pot on the pre-head stages. The heads seem to affect your attack speed if you stand too close so stand as far as you can but close enough that your basic attack still hits.

Horntail has multiple sections and different effects are triggered based on the HP of each part, so it's useful to have the Boss HP tab of the expedition widget open to keep track of boss HP. I listed the important ones below. Matt's horntail guide linked at the start of this horntail section has the full details.
-The left hand begins to dispel at 60% HP, and begins to mass seduce at 30% HP.
-The right hand begins to mass seduce at 30% HP.
-While the wings are alive, horntail heads take an extra 10% damage.
*Also note that the wings and right head (head C) are ice weak.

Horntail Positioning
Under normal party circumstances, start the horntail attacking at 1. You can jump and use fenrir to hit the heads, arms, and wings if you have haste, or jump onto the platform to the left of 1 and fenrir. Continue attacking here until your party's single target dps kills the tail.
Once the tail is down, make your way to 2. Stand such that if you're knocked forward, you don't fall off the platform's edge, but your basic attack of your overswing still hits the right arm. The sweet spot is about where the middle of your character's head is centered below the rope above you. While attacking at spot 2, your fenrir will hit the wings, both arms, and all heads. Once your leader calls to stop hitting the wings, or if you see the wings getting low, move to 3, preferably, rather than 6. At 3, your final blow will sometimes hit all 3 heads but more importantly, you won't get knocked off the cliff and have to climb back up like you will if you attack at 6.
While you're on spot 3, your basic attack should be hitting the middle head. You need to be at the edge of the platform to do this. To make your life easier, jump onto the platform at the left, then use rush right, which will always place you at the right spot to hit both heads. Spot 4 is available if you specifically want to target the middle head. Use spot 5 if the middle head cancels weapon attack because on spot 3 only some of your attacks hit the left head A. Debuffing is often times harder at this stage of horntail because the party will be split between the left and right side, so watch your buffs.
Your next spot will depend on which parts of horntail die first or need to be targeted. Most likely you will be moving to either 6 or 2. You can hit the middle head from 6 if you use the same rush trick I mentioned above for spot 3.
Use 7 if you need to specifically target the right hand.

Unless your party has mostly cleavers, you will be better off leaving the wings alive and hitting the heads because the party deals 10% more damage to the heads while wings are alive. Follow your party leader’s call.
It’s a good idea to keep combo barrier and drain up when the arms are below 30% because you and your party are less likely to die to seduce. Remember to go to 300/130 combo before using barrier/drain respectively to keep your combo ability up.

Additional notes for chaos horntail:
Everything above applies for cht too. There’s some more things to watch out for in chaos horntail:
CHT stuns frequently, and most of the stuns are longer and will reset your combo. Because of this, I recommend using your fenrirs when you can. Bonus points if none of the heads have weapon attack cancel on them. A neat trick to keep your combo up while attacking at 1 is to stand close enough that you take touch damage from the left arm when it dips down and have your body pressure on. It can save your combo.
Check for joystick curse before using fenrir or, since @fx doesn’t stop fenrir’s animation, drown in shame as the entire party watches you fenrir backwards.
Try to keep the left hand above 60%. The left hand begins to cast dispel once it dips below 60%. Not a huge deal if your party takes it below 60, but it makes your life easier down the road.
Watch for damage reflect(DR) when attacking heads. I don't know the exact %hp when the heads begin to cast DR, but it's usually around when CHT as a whole is below 40%. Remember that while standing at 3, you hit all 3 heads so if any of them cast DR, you will want to manually pot. You can continue to attack and use potions through the reflected damage.

Note: You don’t need a prequest to enter this PQ, only to host.

PQ guide here:
Turn off snow charge to hit the black colored crimson guardians.
Pin 3 bosses to the right.

Bonus stage:

bad news bears

I recommend buying a stack of Victoria’s Amorian Basket to help you hit monsters at earlier levels. You’ll find them in the FM for cheap.

Type @help for a list of commands. I use quite a few of them and they make your life easier.

You’ll find a list of useful non-aran information in Study’s guide directory.

Wedding guide (mostly accurate)

I recommend getting a pet with item pouch and meso magnet early. NPCing the items your pet picks up will give you funding for pots as you get to bossing levels.

This method allows you to combat step further so you can move across maps faster, move to a monster faster and save your combo, etc. You can travel almost as fast as mages with teleport if you perfect this technique.

You’ll need to put combat step on its own key. Don’t use double tap right/left arrow to combat step.

Start by practicing the jump timing. You want to jump near the end of the combat step. So press your combat step key, then your jump key near the end of the animation. No need to press left or right arrow keys just yet.

Once you get this timing down, then you can add arrow keys to choose exactly how far you want to go. As long as you aren’t holding an arrow key down when you press jump, you will perform the long jump pictured above. If you’re moving right and press the left arrow key mid air, your momentum will slow and you cover less distance. This lets you get precise with exactly how far you want to move, which can mean the difference between hitting 1 mob vs 4 mobs. The later you press jump and the earlier you press the arrow key in the opposite direction, the shorter your dash will be.

Lastly, you can continue the momentum from a combat step off a cliff by jumping right as you land on the ground:

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Aug 28, 2021
Awesome guide Troll, love the no-BS and to-the-point approach. Lots of really good info in here, and I learned a lot even as a 180 aran. The gifs in the combat step section are great too. Really wish something like this was available when I started out, cause I was a little lost at times. I'll take you up on your offer and share some of my thoughts too, a bit of feedback on the guide and some additional info that other players might benefit from.

  • Con: reliant on maintaining combo to do max dps (and use some skills), so stun/sed/dr etc is even worse
  • Con: mostly dps only, no party buffs outside of combo barrier so not as desired as se/si etc
  • Con: everyone can see you fenrir backwards when you have reverse even with @fx
  • Pro: all 4th job skill books are monster drops, no quests for 4th job skills like explorers
  • I don't think smart knockback is entirely useless - more on that later

3rd Job
After playing through 3rd job, I would probably do: 1 Combo Fenrir > Max Full Swing > Max Combo Critical > Max Fenrir > Max Snow Charge > Max Polearm Booster (1st job) > Max Final Charge (2nd job) > Max Smart Knockback > rest into Final Toss/Rolling Spin
  • I was told that final toss was good for dps but I never used it and it gets replaced by final blow so I don't think it's worth it
    • maybe you can add 1 point so you can knock off leechers at gallos if they're being annoying
  • Final charge has some niche usage so it's probably worth maxing (12 mobs at 30 vs 10 at 21)
  • Smart knockback isn't really useful until wulin so it can wait until the end
  • Rolling spin/final toss can just be SP dumps
    • I've only found one use for rolling spin so far: to turn on warrior sigil at cwkpq.
4th Job
I did my 4th job slightly different: 1 Final Blow > Max Over Swing > 10 Final Blow > Max High Mastery > Max Freeze Standing > Max Final Blow > Max Combo Barrier > Max High Defense > Max Maple Warrior
  • Over swing first because it buffs 2 hits in your rotation (vs 1 from final blow)
    • But haven't done the math like you so not sure if this is actually the better option dps-wise
  • 10 final blow because it gives +10% dmg per level up to 10, then 2% dmg per level after, so it seemed like a good pause point
    • But after seeing how much dmg it does & extra combo you get with 2 hits/max I don't think this is the right play any more
  • Max high mastery because it buffs all your attacks (vs 1 from final blow)
    • Again not sure this is the right play anymore, 26 might be a good stopping point
  • Max freeze standing because I started bossing around here and it was awful without it
    • it's still awful with it because 95% lmao
  • Finished off final blow to max dps skills
  • Combo barrier to make toad easier & to have a party buff
  • High defense for more passive survivability
  • Maple warrior last cause I assume other people have it
  • I think @LunarRose recommends 1 point in tempest and then reset it at 160 but I never found it useful even before 160 so I wouldn't personally add it
  • If I were to do it again I would probably max final blow a lot earlier, and mastery a lot later. Would be very similar to your suggestion

  • Curious about dex scrolled red Rexes in late game instead of str scrolled. What's the reasoning here? If you're recommending TL Diesra here then there's no dex requirement like glaive so I didn't think it was necessary
  • Dex leaf mid-game makes sense to wear glaive, but not sure if it's worth the investment if you're just gonna replace it with a str leaf. I didn't find I needed the extra dex to equip my weapon, but I dunno, just a thought

  • rnjpq isn't available until 70 (not 55) - even though the quest says 71 you can still go in at 70
    • I think the usual flow is ppq 55-70 and then rnj 70-89
  • Jesters is a decent alternative at 70+ (even with the nerf) if you can't find a party at rnj cause no one wants arans there
  • You can go to gallos a bit earlier than 89 if you're bored of rnj as long as you can hit them, you just won't get leech exp until 89
  • Himes is a very good alternative for aran from ~95-108, exp is faster than gallos but money is worse
  • Skeles is still pretty good until ~140, and better than shao for money
  • I believe leech level is -10 for bosses, so you can do nzak/krex at 130 and wu at 140 for example
    • czak/cht are probably fine at earlier levels too if you do 18 man runs

  • You can stand on the body to take touch damage during the body 1-3 phases
    • The touch damage i-frames will protect you from 1/1s and other annoying stuff
    • You should be able to sustain with drain so it won't cost you pots either
    • Just need to be careful of cwa and maybe pot lock in czak
  • Turn off snow charge to kill the adds (blue ones)
  • Yeah targa is the ice weak one
  • I find it easier to green if I just stay on targa the whole time
  • If he turns on cwa you can still build combo on him
    • If I try to run between them when cwa is on, I just lose combo and dps because of reverse and whatever (idk maybe I'm just bad)
  • He runs around a bit tho so just be mindful to position well
  • Smart knockback is really useful here, if you just turn it on and do your usual rotations then you get a perfect pin
    • I've been complimented by multiple people on how good my pin was even tho they usually hate wulin
  • Should stand on the body here too, touch damage does a lot less than his magic damage to warriors and you can sustain with drain
  • Kind of shit to do at lower levels if you're used to relying on combo drain to keep your hp up
    • The invincibility frames on the 2nd body along with accuracy issues make it really sketchy so you might need a lot of pots
    • It gets a lot better with more accuracy and combo barrier

  • Body pressure is actually kind of useful in a niche
    • If you stand on a mob with body pressure on, it will add hits and help you maintain your combo even if you're stunned/rebuffing
    • You can't stance hits from mobs like in jump quests like jr neckis, but you can actually body pressure them to cheese some jqs
  • Be mindful of combo numbers / combo management
    • 130-199 to use drain, 300+ to use barrier
    • If I'm at 347 combo and my drain is almost out but barrier is still halfway, I might do 2 fenrir then drain
      • But if I'm not confident I can get 200 more combo before barrier is out, I might just recast barrier then drain
    • Buff dispell kinda sucks cause some of our buffs cost combo, but buff dispell doesn't remove combo
      • so if you think a dispell is coming up, save your combo so you can recast drain/barrier
    • Consuming combo will reset the timer before your combo disappears
      • so if you get knocked off at zak/ht/whatever and don't think you can make it up without losing your combo, cast drain or fenrir or something as you go
  • Combo barrier reduces "damage" from 1/1s too
    • You're left with around 6.4k hp if you have max hp at max combo barrier I think
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Aug 4, 2021

Thanks for the detailed reply. I added a couple of things you mentioned into the guide. Quick question, did you ever find that smart kb allowed you to kb wulin any more than without? I never had trouble kbing wulin, even without smart knockback I think.

I accounted heavily for ease of finding a party in my training/bossing levels. Rnj probably is better exp but it takes so long to find a party and you have little flexibility. With PPQ you can hop in for 5 minutes or 5 hours and you'll be fine either way. Finding a bossing party pre-130 that doesn't take 30 minutes is hard too, but if you have guildies/friends who are willing to carry you you can definitely boss earlier.



Aug 28, 2021
@raymondwup4 I tried it today without smart kb since you brought it up and it didn't seem to make a difference. People always asked me if I had it so I assumed it was necessary, but I guess it might only be needed at lower levels if you can't consistently hit the kb amount.

Thanks for explaining the reasoning behind the bossing levels too, makes a lot of sense!
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Nov 29, 2021
Thanks so much for the guide! I am currently level 111 and have a couple of questions which I hope some experienced Arans might be able to help with:

- What does the Equip mix (for an unfunded character) look like to attain the Dex required to wear the Crimson Arcglaive? I have base 20 at the moment, and with a regular ZHelm and some standard equips I found as drops, I have ~45 Dex. I'd really appreciate some advice on how to get 80 Dex most efficiently on a budget. Do I need to start adding extra points to Dex (is 20 too low for an unfunded character?)

- I tried grinding Skeles per the recommended training spot at my level, and I always felt like I was on the verge of death (3k magic damage on my 5k max HP). Is there a safer/more comfortable training spot for Arans, or do I just need to suck it up and resign myself to using one pot every time I get hit?


Jul 19, 2021
-if you are a new just add Dex since you are gonna be stuck with arcglaive until 150 at least. AP resets are really cheap and it's not worth the hassle to micro manage Dex and accuracy during the early levels.

- Dreamy ghost with a DK+bishop/FM HS or with a bishop (lurer). Rush to nzak asap for extra hp. Buff drain, just make sure you are consistantly hitting and set manual pot low. You can try to find Ulu leech slots if you find those few levels a pain.
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Jul 19, 2021
I am not sure if this is new, but this is the combat step tech I've been using:

It takes less effort to pull off and it allows landing cancel like so:

You can also come to a complete halt (cough El Nath) if you mount after combat stepping off the edge.
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Nov 14, 2021
For 3rd job is it advisable to add rolling spin? I find it not very useful since at low lvls it will fail quite a bit. Might be worthwhile to add to rolling spin instead?