Allow withdrawal from storage based on specific quantity.


Jun 23, 2021
2102: Top Floor of Roppongi Mall
Hi, I would like to make a suggestion based on the withdrawal of items from storage.

From the picture below we can see that the storage allows us to store items based on the number of quantity we desire.

However, from the picture below here, withdrawing items from storage recovers all items instead of allowing us to choose a specific amount.

My suggestion would be to allow us players to withdraw items based on the quantity we choose. This way it helps QoL in terms of items such as White Scrolls/Chaos Scrolls/Boss pre-quest ETCs. When trading White Scrolls/Chaos Scrolls for items we may want to trade, we may require a specific amount of White Scrolls (1 WS for 19 Apples for example). Allowing us players to withdraw 1 or 2 or more at a time would make the trade process much quicker. The same would apply for Boss etcs such as Pink Bean's Marble of Chaos quest (25 Smiley Mask, 25 Neutral Mask, and 25 Frowny Mask) when it comes to handing in the quest.

Thank you :)